Argyle Pink Diamond Interesting facts (Argyle Pink Jubilee February 2012)

Argyle Pink Jubilee diamond was found at Australia

Huge Pink diamond was found by Rio Tinto group based at Western Austaralia

World's largest pink diamond weighs about 12.76 carats.

Mr.Richard How Kim Kam has taken the responsibility of cutting the world's largest pink diamond.Mr.Richard is working with Argyle for over 25 years

The pink diamond found at Australia in February 2012 will be known as Argyle Pink Jubilee

Argyle took around 26 years to unearth this precious diamond

Argyle Pink diamond is expected to be sold for over $10 million

Dubai telecom company to shut India operations, Australian foreign minister resigned

Name the Australian foreign minister who resigned recently.
Kevid Rudd

Which Dubai based telecom company have decided to shut India operations?

What place does India hold globally in terms of economic confidence index?

With which US motorcycle firm has Hero MotoCorp signed a technology-sharing deal?
Erik Buell Racing