Marketing Terms and Stock Market Quiz

Name the personality who coined the term "Marketing Myopia".
Theodere Levitt

What is known as "Demand Spilover"?
Sale of a product or brand in one country market generates demand in another country

Name the first Public Sector share quoted on the Bombay Stock Exchange.
Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited

Name the first women President of a Stock Exchange in India.
Omana Abraham of Cochin Stock Exchange

The stages of the product life cycle are
Introduction, Growth, Maturity and Decline

What are Brand names used to identify?

Expand AIDA.
Attention, Interest, Desire and Action

Expand SWOT.
Strength,Weakness,Opportunities and Threat

What does a SWOT analysis determine?
The capabilities of the organisation

Marketing is all about?
Providing benefits

What is advertising?
A non personal paid form of communication

What is secondary data?
Data collected from published materials

Nobel Prize Winners 2006

Physics : John C.Mather and George F.Smoot

Chemistry : Roger D.kornberg

Medicine : Andrew Z.Fire and Craig C. Mello

Literature : Orhan Pamuk

Peace : Muhammud Yunus and Grameen Bank

Economics : Edmund S.Phelps

Nobel Prize Winners 2007

Physics : Albert Fert and Peter Grunberg

Chemistry : Gerhard Ertl

Medicine : Mario R.Capecchi, Sir Martin J.Evans and Oliver Smithies

Literature : Dorris Lessing

Peace : Albert Arnold Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

Economics : Leonid Hurwicz, Eric S.Maskin and Roger B.Myerson

English - Mock test - 2

Give the Synonyms for the following words

1. Accolade - honour, award

2. Adamant - unmoving, immovable

3. Affable - polite, pleasing

4. Circumspect - cautious

5. Conflagration - destructive fire

6. Congenital - existing form birth, inborn

7. Debonair - coward

8. Dastard - affable, cheerful

9. Deference - honour, respect

10. Banal - common place

Honda Dream Yuga launch in India

Which is the new android based dual-sim 3G smartphone launched by ViewSonic in India?
ViewPhone 3

Which football club won the 2012 English Premier League Championship after 44 years?
Manchester city

Which Asian country was invited by NATO to Chicago summit 2nd day of which will focus on Afghanistan?

Name the child actor who acted in movie 'Paa' died in the Nepal plane crash recently.
Taruni Sachdev

Name the mass segment vehicle launched by Honda targeting Indian market.
Dream Yuga

Who won the top player in the English Premier League's history?
Ryan Giggs

Who won the top manager award for the past 20 years in EPL?
Alex Ferguson

Nobel Prize Winners 2004

Here is a complete list of Nobel Prize winners in the year 2004.Winners has been listed down in different categories

Physics : David J.Gross, H.David Politzer, Frank Wilczek

Chemistry : Aaron Ciechanover,Avram Hershko and Irwin Rose

Medicine : Richard Axel and Linda B.Buck

Literature : Elfriede Jelinek

Peace : Wangari Muta Maathai

Economics : Finn E.Kydland and Edward C.Prescott