Indian Premier League 5 Statistics

Top Run Scorers

Chris Gayle(RCB)1573361.08
Gautam Gambhir(KKR)1759036.87
Shikhar Dhawan(DC)1556940.64


Top Wicket Takers

Morne Morkel162518.12
Sunil Narine152413.50
Lasith Malinga142215.90


Technology launch of 2009

IPhone 3G S
Google Chrome OS
Predicted launch second half of 2010
Windows 7
Kindle 2, an e-book reader
Bing, a decision engine
Updated iMac launched
Net Book, N140 powered by Windows 7
Net book - Booklet 3G
Indian Space Research Organisation
Bhuvan, India's mapping application website
LED TV with a resolution of 1920x1080
Reliance India Mobile
Blackberry Storm 9530
Vaio X, an ultra-slim laptop
Zen X-FI 2, 3-inch touch screen media player
PF810 touch-sensitive digital photo frame
Studio One 19, desktop PC with multi-touch LCD display

Dr.Manmohan Singh first Prime Minister to visit Myanmar after 25 years

Who won the 2012 Indian Premier League?
Kolkata Knight Riders

Name the Indian who became the first Prime Minister to visit Myanmar after 25 years.
Dr.Manmohan Singh

Who won the 66th Santosh Trophy?
Services against Tamil Nadu (3-2)

Which company has warned of internet blackout on July 9th 2012?

Which company has invested Rs.21,000 crore to setup railway wagon and component factory in West Bengal?

Name the tennis player who played his 50th Grand Slam tournament at the French Open 2012.
Roger Federer

Who won the Monaco Grand Prix 2012?
Mark Webber

Who won the Chennai Open 2012 at the Indian Squash Academy?
Joshna Chinappa (6th title of her career)

Who won the Thomas Cup 2012 title?
Lin Dan

Which countries recently signed 12 agreements, including a $500 million credit line, border area development and air services?
India and Mayanmar

Where in India 3-day international student's film festival will be held from 1st June 2012?

Which film of Raj Kapoor has been added to All-Time 100 list of the greatest films made since 1923 by Time magazine?

Who has been appointed as commerce secretary in India?

Inventions - 1

Who invented the first process of mass production of steel inexpensively in 1850?
i) William Jelly ii) Robert William iii) Sir Henry Bessemer iv) Henry David

Who invented safety razor?
i) King Camp Gillette ii) King Camp Gillette II iii) King Camp Razor iv) None of these

Who was the inventor of modern computer?
i) Ada Lovelace ii) Bill Gates iii) Steve Jobs iv) Charles Babbage

Who invented computer mouse?
i) Paul Allen ii) Naryan Murthy iii) Bill Gates iv) Douglas Engelbart

Who invented modern electronic pocket calculator?
i) Mike Calc ii) James Puckle iii) Jack Kilby iv) None of these

Which scientist is the greatest of all time having over 1000 patents to his credit?
i) Albert Einstein ii) Vishveshwaraiah iii) Thomas Alva Edison iv) Issac Newton

Who invented the pencil sharpener in 1847?
i) Micheal Sharpener ii) Judson iii) Therry Des Estwaux iv) None of these

Who made the first Atom bomb in the world?
i) James Atom ii) Neils Bhor iii) Max Planck iv) Otto Hahn

Who invented the logarithmic table?
i) John Naples ii) John Napier iii) John Log iv) None of these

Who is known as father of Periodic Table of elements?
i) Neils Bohr ii) Mendeleev iii) Seaborg iv) John Priestly