Abbreviations - 7

AMEX - American Stock Exchange
ASX - Australian Stock Exchange
BOVESPA - Sao Paulo Stock Exchange
DJIA - Dow Jones Industrial Average
KLSE - Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange
NASDAQ - National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations
NYSE - New York Stock Exchange

Copenhagen International sand sculpture championship 2012

Name the Sikh leader from BJP, who won his 2nd term as MLA from Dasuya in Punjab assembly eletions and died recently.
Amarjit Singh Sahi

Which country celebrated Queen's 60 year reign recently?
United Kingdom

Irish voters recently backed which pact by large majority by exhibiting final memorandum results?
European Union fiscal pact

Who won the 73rd PGA Tour Title 2012?
Tiger Woods

Who won the Catalunya MotoGP 2012?
Jorge Lorenzo

Who won the Copenhagen International sand sculpture championship 2012 held in Denmark?
Sudarsan Patnaik for "Save the Ocean" sand sculpture of 20-feet high

Name the Australia's largest beef producer.
Australia Agriculture Co. (AAco)

Abbreviations - 6

FDI - Foreign Direct Investment
SIP - Systematic Investment Plan
ULIP - Unit Linked Insurance Policy
IRDA - Insurance Regulatory Development Authority
REIT - Real Estate Investment Trust
LIBOR- London Interbank Offered Rate
NSC - National Savings Certificate
ADB - Asian Development Bank
ILO - International Labour Organization
ADR - American Depository Receipt
GDR - Global Depository Receipt
IMF - International Monetary Fund
ECB - European Central Bank
EU - European Union
FII - Foreign Institutional Investors
DII - Domestic Institutional Investors
MFI - Mutual Fund Institutions
AMC - Asset Management Company
GDP - Gross Domestic Product
GNP - Gross National Product
GNI - Gross National Income
WPI - Wholesale Price Index
CPI - Consumer Price Index