IBPS 2012 - Possible topics for descriptive paper

1. Raising petrol rate - boon or bane to the economy

2. Write a note on U.N.Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon visit to India

3. Write a note on Prime minister of Mauritius Navinchandra Ramgoolam visit to India

4. Qatar's highest per capita income and its impact on economy

5. Write a note on Canada's exit from Kyoto climate treaty

6. Double Taxation Avoidance Treaty - its impact on India and Nepal

7. Write a note of polio free India - declared by WHO

8. Bihar Day and its separation from Bengal 100 years ago

9. India successsfully test fired Agni-V

10. Shyamala Gopinath committee - its role and importance

11. Note on 20th ASEAN Summit

12. Note on 4th BRICS Summit

13. Note on Arab Summit 2012

14. Note on G20

15. Note on World Economic Forum

16. Note on World Polio Summit 2012

17. Euro crisis a growing concern

18. India an emerging world power

19. Raising Rupee - boon or bane to the economy

20. Privatisation of Indian airlines, a need of the hour

Note: Kindly go through relevant articles on the Newspaper or Internet. Try to write one or two topics before the exam which will help in knowing how much time is taken on descriptive section

Instrument and their use

Velocity of wind
Heart movements
Brain movements
Plant growth
Oil deposits under water
The depth of the ocean
The humidity in air
Purity in milk
High temperature of distant objects

Japan approves world's first healthy cola

For which summit Russian President Vladimir Putin is in Beijing, China?
Regional Security summit

Where did the Boeing Phanton Eye drone made its ground?
Edwards Air Force Base

Which scam-hit bank's license was cancelled by Reserve Bank of India recently?
Madhapura Mercantile Cooperative Bank (MMCB)

Who is named as Navy chief as Admiral Nirmal Verma retires on August 31st 2012?

Which country has approved world's first 'healthy cola' for being beneficial to health?

Which country marked 23rd anniversary of the military crackdown in Tiananmen Square?

Which cricketer was recalled by West Indies Cricket Board into One-day squad after 14 month long stand-off?
Chris Gayle

Name the psychiatrist and balloonist who took off on the world's first intercontinental flight in solar-powered plane.
Bertrand Piccard

Name the India's London bound discus thrower who bagged silver medal at the Post Pre Elite Women's event at Portland, US.
Krishna Poonia

Who was named captain of 18-member Indian hockey team for the 6th Junior Women's Asia Cup at be held in Thailand from June 27th 2012?
Mid-fielder Ritu Rani

Choose the Appropriate Word - 2

Illiteracy is said to be a great ____ to progress
i) impediment ii) distraction iii) obstruction iv) objection

Marriages are talked about openly, but not the ____
i) engagements ii) courtships iii) affairs iv) divorces

Be your own body guard when you are offered ____ help.
i) solicited ii) grudging iii) unsolicited iv) friendly

Although you are honest, you lack ____
i) craftiness ii) fear iii) intrigue iv) caution

The atmosphere was ____ when I walked into the court room.
i) heavy ii) burdensome iii) weighty iv) big

Vineetha was not ____ of his suitability for the job.
i) convinced ii) convincing iii) convincingly iv) convince

Will you play with me ___ a while?
i) over ii) within iii) in iv) for

He disposed of his bicycle practically ____ a song.
i) for ii) to iii) with iv) on

A wise man lives within his income, but a fool lives ____ his means.
i) without ii) beyond iii) besides iv) above

The invention of steam engine by James Watt was an ____ idea
i) original ii) obscure iii) off-hand iv) actual

TV Channels telecasting London Olympics 2012

Complete list of all the channels telecasting the London Olympics 2012 event in different countries.


AsiaAsia-Pacific Broadcasting Union / ESPN Asia
Australia2GB / Foxtel / Nine Network
BrazilBandSports / ESPN Brasil / Rede Record / SporTV
CanadaCTV Olympics (CTV / RDS / Sportsnet / TSN)
CaribbeanInternational Media Content Limited
ChileCanal 13 / TVN
ColombiaCaracol TV
Chinese TaipeiELTA / PTS / CTV / CTS / FTV / TTV
EuropeEurosport4 / European Broadcasting Union
FranceFrance Televisions
GermanyARD / ZDF
Hong Kongi-Cable
ItalyRAI / Sky Italia
JamaicaCVM Television
Latin AmericaGrupo AlbavisiĆ³n1 / Terra Networks2
Middle EastArab States Broadcasting Union
New ZealandPrime / SKY TV
NigeriaNOC / NTA / FRCN / AIT
North KoreaSBS
NorwayNRK / Viasat Sport
PanamaCorporacion Medcom
PeruAmerica Television
PhilippinesAKTV / Solar Entertainment Corporation
PolandN /TYP
Singaporemio TV
South AfricaSABC / SuperSport
South KoreaSBS
South AmericaESPN Latin America
Sub-Saharan AfricaOctagon / SABC / SuperSport
Sri LankaSLRC
SwitzerlandSRG SSR
United KingdomBBC
United StatesNBC