Reasoning - 5

Rahul can do a work in 6 days and Rupa can do the same work in 12 days. In how many days they will complete the work, working together?
i) 4 days ii) 6 days iii) 8 days iv) 2 days

P is the brother of Q, R is the sister of P, S is the brother of T, T is the daughter of Q, then who is the uncle of S?
i) Q ii) R iii) P iv) cannot be determined

Savitha borrowed Rs.100 from Gagan. Kavitha borrowed Rs.330 from Savitha and Rs. 50 from Gagan. Rs.400 was stolen from Gagan and he was left with no money. How much did Gagan have initially?
i) 350 ii) 500 iii) 400 iv) 550

Richard does not wear white dress and Ajay does not wear blue dress. Richard and Sanjay wear different colored dresses. Only Sundar wears red dress. If everyone wears different colored dresses, then what is the color of Sanjay's dress?
i) red ii) white iii) blue iv) none of these

Pointing at Jeevan, Jagan said, "His father is my father's son". Then what is the relation of Jagan to Jeevan?
i) Grandson ii) Son iii) Father iv) Grandfather

In a row of tress, a tree is at the 5th place from both the ends. How many trees are there in the row?
i) 10 ii) 8 iii) 9 iv) 11

Arrange the following words according to the dictionary.
1) Exodus 2) Exotic 3) Exogamy 4) Exonerate

i) 4213 ii) 1234 iii) 3124 iv) 1342

Find out the one which is different from others.
i) Carrot ii) Tomato iii) Onion iv) Potato

In certain code Yellow is called White. White is called Blue, Blue is called Red, Red is called Pink. What is the color of blood?
i) white ii) pink iii) red iv) blue

Which would be the proper order of the following?
1) Country 2) Forest 3) Furniture 4) Wood 5) Trees

i) 53124 ii) 12345 iii) 12543 iv) 14325

Israeli scientist develop strong plastic to replace steel

Who is named as Event Ambassador for 2012 World Twenty20?

Name the 250 MW unit thermal power project commissioned by BHEL recently.
Harduaganj thermal power project in Uttar Pradesh

Name the Lebanese journalist who headed Arab's newspaper An-Nahar and died recently.
Ghassan Tueni

Name the football tournament kick started at Warsaw on 8th June 2012.
UEFA Euro 2012

What value of money will be pumped in the market on June 12th 2012 by buying Government securities to ease the liquidity situation by RBI?
12,000 crore

Quote the reason why RBI recently signed an Memorandum of Understanding with the Central Bank of Bahrain?
To promote greater co-operation and sharing of supervisory information between the 2 regulators

Which Indian company's Rs.1,000 IPO in 1977 is now worth Rs.7.7lakh?
Reliance Industries Limited

What value of capital infusion was made in Regional Rural Bank's to improve their capital adequacy and lending capacity to the agriculture sector?
Rs.632 crore

Expand FLCC (Hint: Credit).
Financial Literacy and Credit Counselling

Expand FLC (Hint: Literacy).
Financial Literacy Centres

What is the jobless rate in Greece as of March 2012?

What material is used by Israeli scientists to develop strong plastic to replace steel and other materials used in pipelines and machinery?

Which 2 models of smartphones launched by Motorola are water-resistant, scratch-resistant and dust-proof?
Motorola DEFY XT and DEFY MINI

Sporting Event 2010 - 1

World Indoor Championship
DohaMarch 12-14
Youth Olympic GamesSingaporeAugust 14-26

All England Super Series
BirminghamMarch 9-14
Swiss OpenBaselMarch 16-21
Asian Badminton
New DelhiApril 12-18
India Open
(venue undecided)
June 8-13
Indonesia OpenJakartaJune 22-27
China Masters
ChangzhouSept 14-19
Denmark OpenOdenseOctober 26-31
French OpenParisNov 2-7

NBA All-StarFeb 12-14
NBA FinalsJune3-17