IIFA(International Indian Film Academy) Awards 2010

Best Film
3 Idiots - Vidhu Vinod Chopra
Best Performance Leading Role(Male)
Amitabh Bachchan - Paa
Best Performance Leading Role(Female)
Kareena Kapoor - 3 Idiots
Vidya Balan - Paa
Best Direction
Rajkumar Hirani - 3 Idiots
Best Performance Comic Role
Sanjay Dutt - All the Best
Best Performance Negative Role
Boman Irani - 3 Idiots
Best Performance Supporting Role(Male)
Sharman Joshi - 3 Idiots
Best Performance Supporting Role(Female)
Divya Dutta - Delhi 6
Debut of the Year(Male)
Omi Vaidya - Jackie Bhagnani
Debut of the Year(Female)
Jazqueline Fernandez - Mahie Gill
Best Story
Abhijat Joshi, Raj Kumar Hirani,Vidhu Vinod Chopra - 3 Idiots
Best Lyrics
Swanand Kirkire - 3 Idiots
Playback Singer(Male)
Shaan - Behti Hawa Sa Tha (3 Idiots)
Playback Singer(Female)
Kavitha Seth - Ek Tara (Wake up Sid)
Music Direction
Pritam - Love Aaj Kal
Outstanding Achievement
by an Indian Internationally
Ani Kapoor
IIFA Green Global Award
Vivek Oberoi

Siana Nehwal wins Thailand Open 2012

Who won the Thailand Open 2012?
Saina Nehwal

Who won the Canadian Grand Prix 2012?
Lewis Hamilton

What value of bailout did Spain receive recently from European finance ministers?
$125 billion

Which housing arm of India launched its first low-cost housing project targeting 366 Tier-II and Tier-III cities and costing between Rs.5.5 lakh and Rs.12 lakh?
Sahara Infrastructure and Housing

Name the Ex-industry secretary who is to be appointed as NHAI chief.

Name the Indian actor who is set to make hollywood debut with 'The Lord of the Rings' producer Barrie Osborne.
Kamal Haasan

Science - 6

How long hemoglobin in blood may remain alive?
i) Whole life ii) 100 days iii) 80 days iv) None of these

The blood pressure of a young male human being is
i) 140/100 ii) 120/80 iii) 110/70 iv) 130/90

How many blood cells does the bone marrow produce every second?
i) 10 million ii) 5 million iii) 7 million iv) 8 million

In a normal human body, the total number of red blood cells is
i) 30 trillion ii) 20 trillion iii) 25 trillion iv) 35 trillion

In a female human being the average volume of blood is about
i) 5.5 litres ii) 4.5 litres iii) 2.5 litres iv) none of these

What is the total number of muscles in the normal human body?
i) More than 400 ii) 200 iii) 250 iv) none of these

Water is densest at
i) 0degree C ii) 10degree C iii) 4degree C iv) 1degree C

The human heart-beat per minute at an average is
i) 60 ii) 80 iii) 75 iv) 72