Current Affairs June 2010 - 3


Facebook to open first centre in Hyderabad

FatPipe Networks withdraws IPO after less response

DQ Entertainment, an animation and gaming content company has entered into broadcasting agreement with Sun TV Network Ltd. for the provision of animation content

Saibaba Telefilms, Mumbai based television production company to enter Southern region via a music reality show Sangeetha Mahayudhdham to be telecasted on Sun TV


Country's first 3-MW solar photo volatic plant opens at Kolar in Bangarpet taluk, Karnataka

Prithvi-II successfully test-fired off Orissa coast


Vijay Malya wins Rajya Sabha polls from Karnataka

Paswan,Pratap Rudy have won Rajya Sabha seats from Bihar


C2C Management services launches online video resume service

Nokia introduces push-mail service in S40 series phone priced at around Rs.2,700

Largest ever under-ice bloom of phytoplankton under arctic ice

Who won the French Open 2012 men's title?
Rafael Nadal

Who was presented with Wisden India Outstanding Achievement award?
Sachin Tendulkar for completing a century of 100 international hundreds

Who will lead Indian hockey team in Olympics 2012?
Bharat Chetri

Which university signed MoU with Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) to establish a Hindi Chair in South China?
Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS)

Where have scientists discovered the largest ever under-ice bloom of phytoplankton?
Under the Arctic ice

USA exempted India from which country's sanctions?

Name the 5-day film festival that is to be organised by Entertainment Society of Goa in collaboration with Directorate of Film Festivals and National Film Archive of India.
Cinema Out of the Box

Name the Operating system and mobile Operating system version that Apple announced at the 23rd annual developers conference WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference).
Mountain Lion and iOS6

Which Qatar-based bank is expected to start India operations?
Doha Bank

Which search engine has signed a deal with Encyclopaedia Britannica to bring richer content to its search results?
Microsoft search engine Bing

Who is appointed as Brand Ambassador of TVS Motor?
Anushka Sharma

Which company exported 100 'Falcon' buses to Ghana?
Ashok Leyland

Numerical Ability - 9

i) 9678 ii) 9608 iii) 8088 iv) None of these

5 3/5 * 2 1/7 + 5 1/2 = ?
i) 20 1/2 ii) 17 1/2 iii) 17 3/4 iv) 9 1/2

40% of 2400+ ?% of 600 = 50% of 3840
i) 80 ii) 50 iii) 40 iv) None of these

8 16/25 is 48% of?
i) 18.5 ii) 38 iii) 20 iv) 28

If Rs.91/- is divided among A,B,C in the ratio 1 1/2 : 3 1/2 : 2 3/4, B will get
i) Rs.48 ii) Rs.36 iii) Rs.40 iv) Rs.45

[1/3 + 1/2] * 3/4[2/3]
i) 7/12 ii) 3/10 iii) 1/12 iv) 5/12

Simple interest on Rs.600 at 18% per annum for 9 months is
i) Rs.180 ii) Rs.91 iii) Rs.81 iv) Rs.108

8008 - 8000 / 10.00 = ?
1) 7208 ii) 8000 iii) 80 iv) 0.8

40 grams can be written in kilograms as
i) 0.41 ii) 40 iii) 0.04 iv) 0.004

If A : B = 5 : 4, B : C = 8 : 35, then A : C will be
i) 3 : 7 ii) 2 : 7 iii) 1 : 7 iv) 7 : 2

Possible Essay topics and Letter writing for competitive or IBPS exam


Tablet PC's, is it an end to desktop computers.

Write a note on e-waste management

Infrastructure is a facet of growing economy

Global warming root cause for depletion of water table

Grading system in education, a boon or bane

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), a costly affair for medium and small scale industries

Mobile banking - its pros and cons

Write a note on Internet censorship in India

Letter Writing
Write a letter to your friend describing about the inaugural event of Euro 2012.

Write a letter to librarian highlighting the misuse of books at your college library.

Write a letter to the Principal of your college regarding the latest developments for the arrangement of Annual Fest that is to be held in 10 days time.

Write a letter to your newspaper agency about the delay in delivering the monthly edition of a book you have subscribed with them.


(Note: More topics would be added in this section in days to come)