9th July in history

1991 - South Africa was readmitted to Olympics

2008 - Iran conducts Great Prophet III missile test and war games exercise

2011 - South Sudan gains independence

Shakib Al Hasan named best cricketer in ODI

Where is the 18th Sarajevo Film Festival held?
Balkans, Europe

Who won the German MotoGP 2012?
Dani Pedrosa

Who has been named best cricketer in ODI by Idea Cricket rating?
Shakib Al Hasan

Name the brands that includes in Europe's biggest carmaker Wolfsburg-based group.
Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Bugatti, Bentley, Scania and truck makers MAN

How in the medical world do we know CritiNext project?
An internet-based ICU for 24x7 healthcare launched by Fortis Group and GE Healthcare