11th July in history

1990 - Oka crisis - land dispute in Quebec, Canada

2008 - $147, Oil at all time high

2011 - Neptune discovered on 23rd September 1846 completes its first orbit

Madrid Masters 2012 golf tournament cancelled

Name the South African cricketer who announced retirement from international cricket.
Mark Boucher

Name the Zimbabwean wicketkeeper-batsman who announced his retirement as he sets his focus on working for the church.
Tatenda Taibu

What could be the minimum capital investment for the proposed non-operative holding company (private banks) in India?
Rs.1,000 crore

Name the book released on former Indian Prime Minister Chandrashekhar.
Chandrashekhar ke Bagair

Which golf tournament has been cancelled for the year 2012?
Madrid Masters golf tournament