23rd July in history

2011 - Nigeria reschedules elections, changes constitution

2008 - Cape Verde becomes 153rd member of World Trade Organisation

1999 - Crown Prince Mohammed Ben Al-Hassan is crowned King Mohammed VI of Morocco following the death of his father

1995 - Comet Hale-Bopp discovered

Hashim Alma first South African to score 300 runs in test cricket

Name the German Grand Prix 2012 winner.
Fernando Alonso

Who welcomed the Indian athletes as the tricolour flag was hoisted and national anthem played?
Games Village Mayor Charles Allan

Name the Kenya-based top 10 vegetable processors of the world, who is to set up processing plant in Gujarat, India.
Vegpro Group

From which of its manufacturing facility in India is Toyota set to begin engine production?

Who became the 1st South African batsman to score 300 runs in test cricket?
Hashim Amla