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Current Affairs Quiz January 2013

16th Jan 2013 World current affairs updates


Where in Karnataka Women's Empowerment Centre was opened to cater over 25,000 women for variety of courses to be offered at the Centre?
Malleshwaram, Bangalore

Where in India Wills Lifestyle India Fashion week Spring-Summer 2013 was held?

United Kingdom recently expressed interest in forging partnership in which sector with Kerala?

Who won the Go UNESCO Challenge 2012 by traveling to 28 UNESCO heritage sites in India within a year?
Jai Bharati, a Hyderabadi architect

Which country did head of the International Committee of the Red Cross visited for the 1st time recently?

Which bank recently announced it is interested to acquire RBS India's retail assets?
Yes Bank

Which country became world's top smartphone manufacturer by shipping more than 200 million units in the year 2012?

Which sporting event could take shape as that of Indian Premier League to be hosted by its commercial partners IMG-Reliance?

Which university felicitated Amitabh Bachchan for his achievements in the Indian film industry for the past 42 years?

Name the 2 superbikes launched in India by DSK Hyosung.
Aquila Pro (650cc) and GT650R-2013 editions

What are the 3 variety of 16 drugs Indian scientists recently released that could be used for disaster management?
Anti-cyanide drug,Anti-nerve gas drug and Anti-toxic gas drug


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