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Current affairs quiz updates January 2013

Who won the 3rd successive Australian Open title in 2013?
Novak Djokovic

Name the Chief operating Officer for mobile payments company Square who resigned recently.
Keith Rabois

Expand SLBM. (Hint: Missile)
Submarine-launched ballisti missile

Which education board launched assessment training programme in partnership with Pearson Foundation?
Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)

Which 5-day festival was held in Dimoria Block of Assam's Kamrup District?
Dimoria Ethnic Festival

Expand SPCA. (Hint: Police)
State Police Complaints Authority (Goa)

Expand AIRRBEA. (Hint: Bank)
All India Regional Bank Employee Association

Which Japanese automobile company will invest Rs.1,000 crore in the greenfield plant at the manufacturing plant at Sri City Andhra Pradesh?
Isuzu Motors

Which country will host 1st Formula One race in November 2014?
Sochi in Russia

Expand NELP.(Hint: Licensing)
New Exploration Licensing Policy

Who won gold at the 10th KFC International Regatta in Langkawi, Malaysia?
Vir Menon from Bangalore, India

Expand RGESS. (Hint: Equity)
Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme