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Sample gk question and answers 2013

3rd January 2013 gk updates


Expand LPSC. (Hint: Propulsion)
Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre

Odisha joined how many states as it introduced ban of gutka and paan masala?

Who is appointed as MD of IBM India?
Vanitha Narayanan

What issues would 14th Finance Commission in India priorities?
Disinvestment, GST compensation, sale of non-priority PSUs and subsidies

Name the Nehru fellowship recipient Archaeologist who died recently.
Ranganatha Rao

Which 2 region got President's approval for special status bill to execute the provisions of the Article 371J of the constitution?

Where is the inaugural edition of Invitational squash tournament scheduled to be held from 4th to 8th January 2013 in India?

What is the export volume (in kgs) decline of tea export from India between January and September 2012?
22.7 million kgs

Bharti Infratel will be included in which indices from 7th January 2013?
FTSE Global Equity Indices

Against whom did Nestle win trademark battle over KitKat chocolate bar's 4-fingered and 3-dimensional shape?