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Science day - 28th February 2013 1st mock test answers

_______ is called the movement of a celestial body as it turns on its axis. Rotation _______ is called the movement of an object around a central body. Revolution _______ is the name of the process by which plants use light to convert water and carbon dioxide into sugar. Photosynthesis What is the 1st stage in the development of a plan seed known as? Germination Anything that occupies space and has mass when at rest is called ______ Matter Change of state from liquid to a gas is known as ________ Evaporation What is the Japanese word used when a seismic sea wave caused by underwater earthquake or volcanic activity? Tsunami What is the name given to any animal which resembles human beings? Hominoid The remains of a plant or animal buried in sediment is called _______ Fossils ________ is the finest material ejected from a volcanic eruption. Ash

Tax proposals for 2013-14, India budget 2013

No change in income tax slabs Tax Administration Reforms Commission to be setup Tax credit of Rs.2,000 for income up to Rs.5,00,000 10% surcharge on income above Rs.1 crore Additional surcharge on taxes for 1 year Education cess to continue at 3% Donations to National Children's Fund will be eligible for 100% tax deduction TDS of 1% on land deals above Rs.50 lakhs with the exclusion of agricultural land

India Budget updates 2013-14

Budget 2013-14, 82nd National Budget of India Date : 28th February 2013 Presented by : Finance Minister of India, P.Chidambaram   India's 1st all-women public sector bank to be setup LIC office to be setup in all towns of India with over 10,000 population   How much does the Global growth slowed from 2012(year on year)? 3.2% vs 3.9% What is the estimated RBI GDP growth? 5.5% When did the 12th 5-year plan being in India? July 2012-13 What is the Total Budget estimate for 2013-14? Rs.16.65 lakh crore What is the allocated amount to department of disability for FY 2013-14? Rs.110 crore What is the allocated amount to HRD ministry in the budget 2013? Rs.65,867 crore Expand ICDS. Integrated Child Development Services What is allocated amount towards mid-day meal scheme in budget 2013-14? Rs.13,215 crore What is allocated amount towards clean drinking water in budget 2013-14? Rs.15,260 crore What is allocated money in budget 2013-14 for SC sub-plan and tribal plan? Rs.14,561 crore and

27th February 2013 current affairs

How do we know STRaND-1 in science and technology world? 1st smartphone put by India in space How many schools are started under the Right to Education scheme as of September 2012 as per Economic Survey? 3,34,340 Which Indian state government banned local holidays in government schools to implement the Right to Education Act, 2009? Punjab What photo-sharing app purchased by Facebook hit 100 million monthly active users? Instagram Scientists of which country and institute have successfully generated human kidney cells without using animals or cells from other organs? Singapore, Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology What percentage of market share India has lost to the rest of the world in BPO space, as per NASCOM? 10% Which America based analytics and research firm plans to open its business delivery center in Bangalore, India? AbsolutData What is the credit plan outlay unveiled by NABARD for the state of Karnataka at the recently held "State Credit Seminar"? Rs.68,17

National Science Day 28th February - Raman Quiz

Let's join hands in celebrating and honouring Sir C.V. Raman for his invention of the ‘ Raman effect ’ on 28th February 1928 as India celebrates National Science Day When was Sir.C.V.Raman born? 7th November 1888 Which research helped Raman in getting Noble Prize for Physics? The discovery that when light traverses a transparent material , some of the light that is deflected changes in wavelength which is called Raman scattering and is the result of Raman effect Name the institutes served by Sir.C.V.Raman across India. Indian Finance Department University of Calcutta Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science Indian Institute of Science Central College, Bangalore Raman Research Institute Where was the Raman Research Institute established in India? Bangalore, Karnataka Name the awards bagged by Sir.C.V.Raman. Knight Bachelor Nobel Prize in Physics Bharat Ratna Lenin Peace Prize

Economic Survey 2013-14

Economic Survey 2013-14 Date : 27th February 2013 Presented by : Finance Minister of India, P.Chidambaram   Indian economy expected to grow at 6.1% to 6.7% SBI hikes deposit rates by 25 bps between Rs.15 lakh to Rs.1 crore Agricultural growth remains key factor for jobs, incomes and food security Fiscal deficit seen at 5.1% 3% growth in traffic handled by ports during 2011-12, non major ports grow by 11.5% Tourism, railways and telecom leads other sectors Chandigarh stands 1st in the list of highest share of services in GSDP at 85% Railway freight has grown at 5.1% in 2012-13 Foreign exchange reserves remains at 295.6 billion as of 31st December 2012

Important gk questions february 2013

Which internet pioneer banned work from home policy recently? Yahoo Where in India BHEL will setup multiple unit coach factory? Bhilwara in Rajasthan Rajya Sabha approved for President Rule for which Indian state recently? Jharkhand Expand FCA. (Hint: Fencing) Fencing Confederation of Asia Students of which state in India could get tablet computers for Rs.25 and Rs.10? Goa Which company launched DigiGirlz, a program for high school girls in India? Microsoft Who gets extended term to work till 18th January 2014 as Deputy Governor of RBI? Anand Sinha Name the luxury sedan launched by Tata Motors-owned Jaguar Land Rover priced at Rs.1.88 crore (ex-showroom). Jaguar XJ Ultimate Expand CMC. (Hint: Computer) Computer Maintenance Corporation By what name rebranded BOC India Limited will be known to the world from 18th February 2013? Linde India Limited Who will head BPCL to replace R.K.Singh as he superannuates on 30th September 2013? S.Varadarajan Name the co-founder of Paypal who launched m

Railway budget 2013-14

Railway budget 2013-14 Date: 26th February 2013 Presented by: Railway Minister of India - Pawan Kumar Bansal Who became the 1st Congress minister to present Railway budget in 17 years? Pawan Kumar Bansal What are the number of trains that have increased compared to the year 2001? 12,335 from 8,879 What is the Gross budgetary support set for Financial Year 2013? Rs.1.94 lakh crore What is the railway budgetary support set for 12th Five year plan? Rs.1.2 lakh crore Name the proposed luxury train coach to be introduced by Indian railways in 2013-14 budget. Anubhuti Which state was brought into railway network for 1st time in India recently? Arunachal Pradesh What is the increased internet booking hours for eticketing of train tickets in India? 12:30am to 11:30pm What is the toll free number for grievance redressal introduced by Indian railways? 1800111321 How many stations are identified for proposed upgradation in Indian Railway budget 2013-14? 104 What is the proposed total amount to

25th February 2013 current affairs

Who became South Korea's 1st female president? Park Geun-hye Name the world's fastest smartphone unveiled by Huawei recently. Ascend 2 Which company launched Firefox OS at the Mobile World Congress and would be available for devices from July 2013? Mozilla Who will become 1st Indian Prime Minister to visit Gulf country (UAE) after 32 years? Dr.Manmohan Singh Which Indian state is planning for separate budget for agriculture sector with Rs.10,000 crore  'dryland farming development mission'? Maharashtra Name the digital payment system introduced by credit card maker MasterCard. MasterPass Which tractor-maker won the Corporate Citizen of the Year Award at Global PR Conclave 2013 hosted by the Public Relations Council of India? Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited Which online education portal raised Rs.30 crore from InfoEdge recently? With which company did Vodafone sign a multi-million dollar contract for providing performance management solution? Mycom Wh

Blackberry Z10 launched in India

Operating system - Blackberry 10 Price - Rs.43,490 Touchscreen - 4.2inch Resolution - 1280 x 768 Processor - 1.5ghz dual-core RAM - 2GB Memory - 16GB onboard supports microSD upto 64GB Camera - 8MP with LED flash and 2MP HD front Network - Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G, 4G, Bluetooth 4.0, micro USB 2.0 and NFC

Oscar 2013 award winners

Date: 24th February 2013 Event organised by: Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Venue: Dolby Theatre in the Hollywood district of Los Angeles, California, America Host: Seth MacFarlane hosts the awards for the first time Which movie bagged the Oscars 2013 under Best Picture category? Argo by Grant Heslov, Ben Affleck and George Cloney Who won the Best Director award at the Oscars 2013? Ang Lee for Life of Pi Who won the Oscars for Best Actor in 2013? Daniel Day-Lewis for Lincoln as Abraham Lincoln Who won the Oscars for Best Actress in 2013? Jennifer Lawrence for Silver Linings Playbook as Tiffany Maxwell Who won the Best Supporting Actor award at the 85th Academy awards? Christoph Waltz in the film Django Unchained as Dr.King Schultz who won the Best Supporting Actress award at the Oscars 2013? Anne Hathaway in the film Les Misérables as Fantine Who movie won the Best Writing – Original Screenplay Oscar awards 2013? Django Unchained by Quentin Taratino Which film won the

List of current affairs february 2013

Who was re-elected as Cuba's president? Raul Castro Why was Arun Tadanki in news recently? He would quit as MD of Yahoo India in July 2013 Where has the Maharashtra Industrial Development corporation planned for power plant? Bhadrawati Which is the longest stretch of road that would be built under Prime Minister's Gram SadakYojana? 157 km road from Miao-Vijayanagar in Changlang district of Arunachal Pradesh Name the Bengal's Left front party's rally which will raise the issues of national importance including price hike in food and petro products and farmers death in India. Jatha Where in India 11th Young Scientists Congress event will be held from 28th February to 1st March 2013? Chhattisgarh Where in India International Rafting Championship will be held from 24th February 2013? Doda district, Jammu and Kashmir Who won the Kerala State Film Award as Best Actor for the 2nd time in his career? Prithviraj Which country held 1st ever Literary festival aimed to uplift the s

Oscar 2013, 85th Academy awards

Oscar 2013 - in brief Nominees were announced on January 10, 2013 Venue of nomination : Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills, California Announced by : Seth MacFarlane, host of the 85th annual Academy Awards and actress Emma Stone. 1st time since 1973 that the ceremony's host announced the award nominations List of most nominations 12 for Lincoln 11 Life of Pi 8 each for Les Misérables and Silver Linings Playbook 7 Argo 5 each for Amour, Django Unchained, Skyfall and Zero Dark Thirty 4 each for Anna Karenina and Beasts of the Southern Wild 3 each for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and The Master 2 each for Flight and Snow White and the Huntsman

Ernst & Young Award 2012 winners list

Who has won the Entrepreneur of the Year India 2012 award in Ernst & Young Award 2012? Adi Godrej from Godrej Group Who won the Lifetime Achievement Award in Ernst & Young Award 2012? Ratan Tata from Tata Group Who won the Entrepreneur of the Year in the Category of Business Transformation? Dr.Cyrus S Poonawalla from Serum Institute of India Who won the Entrepreneur of the Year in the Category of Life Sciences and Healthcare? Dr.Devi Prasad Shetty from Narayana Hrudayalaya Who won the Entrepreneur of the Year in the Category of Services? Dhiraj C Rajaram from Mu Sigma Business Solutions Who won the Entrepreneur of the Year in the Category of Manager? Francisco D'souza from Cognizant Technology Solutions Who won the Entrepreneur of the Year in the Category of Startup? Dr.Naresh Trehan from Medanta (The Medicity) Who won the Entrepreneur of the Year in the Category of Manufacturing? Onkar S Kanwar from Apollo Tyres Who won the Entrepreneur of the Year in the Category of Consu

Online free gk for competitive exams feb 2013

Name the Micromax smartphone which was pre-booked approximately at a pace of 25 unit per minute. Micromax A116 Canvas HD Which country won women's world cup (2013) for 6th time? Australia Which Indian city would host 2-day Literature festival for 1st time on 23rd and 24th March 2013? Patna What is the increased price of all products by National Aluminium Company Ltd. (Nalco)? Rs.5,000 per tonne Which aircraft manufacturer would drop lithium-ion batteries from its A350 airplane? Airbus Who won men's Brazil Open 2013? Rafael Nadal Who won women's Qatar Open 2013 title? Victoria Azarenka Who won the Rotterdam Open 2013? Juan Martin del Potro Expand UL. (Hint: Licence) Unified Licence Who won the The Hindu Literary Prize 2013? Jerry Pinto for his novel Em and the Big Hoom Who won Men's Marathon at the 24th Mawana Sugars Indian Open? Arvind Kumar Yadav Who won Women's Marathon at the 24th Mawana Sugars Indian Open? Nilam Maruti Kadam Name the film which won the Golden Be

ICC Women's World Cup 2013 records

Which team scored highest total in Women's World cup 2013? West Indies (368/8 in 50 Overs at 7.36 rpo) Which team won by highest runs in women's world cup 2013? West Indies (209 against Sri Lanka) Which team won by highest wickets in women's world cup 2013? Australia (9 wickets) Which team won by highest balls remaining in women's world cup 2013? England (243 against South Africa) Who was the top scorer at the women's world cup 2013? Stafanie Taylor (171 against West Indies) Who scored most 100's in women's world cup 2013? Charlotte Edwards (2 hundreds) Who scored most 50's in ICC women's world cup 2013? Bates (3) Who hit most sixes in ICC WWC 2013? Deandra Dottin (12) Who took most wickets in ICC WWC 2013? Megan Schutt (15) Who was most economical bowler at the WWC 2013? Julie Hunter (2.57) Who took most 5-wicket haul in the Women's World cup tournament 2013? 1 each, Rachel Candy (5/19) and Anya Shrubsole (5/17) Name the wicket keeper

17th February 2013 current affairs

Which country's Super-30 like school could be planned in India? Japan Name the Cognizant CEO who joined General Electric's board? Francisco D-Souza Which technology company is set to open retail shops to inform users about its hardware products and give hands-on experience? Google MDI Labs has proposed to invest Rs.150 crore in its Indian subsidiary MDI Laboratories planning over 2,000 collection centers in which 3 states across India? Karnataka, Maharashtra and Gujarat What is the maximum percentage set by RBI on interest rate for micro-finance institutions? 26% Who stepped down as Wrestling world governing body president? Raphael Martinetti Which telecom operator shut its Mumbai operations recently? Telenor India (Uninor) Which company is venturing into smartphones segment partnering with Reliance Communications? Lenovo Name the file sharing option launched by BitTorrent which allows users to share files upto 1TB. SoShare

Weekend current affairs february 2013

Name the asteroid which is set to make closest record pass at about 28,000 kilometers. 2012 DA14 Who became oldest world number 1 after reaching semifinals of Qatar Open 2013? Serena Williams Which company from India is set to train 1,500 IT engineers in Nigeria? CADD Centre Expand SSO. (Hint: Orbit) Sun Synchronous Orbit Which category do these belong to: Viola, Gerbera, Gaznia, Larkspur? Flowers Name the American philosopher and constitutional law expert who died suffering from leukaemia. Ronald Dworkin Expand ICTT. (Hint: Container) International Container Transshipment Terminal Expand FCRA. (Hint: Contract) Forward Contract Regulation Act Expand FMC. (Hint: Markets) Forward Markets Commission Expand CTT. (Hint: Tax) Commodity Transaction Tax Which sporting event is planning to use biological profiling of players at 2013 Confederations Cup and 2014 World Cup? FIFA

Chhattisgarh Youth schemes, Sports university, Free tablets and laptops

Schemes to be introduced by Chhattisgarh Government (Chief Minister Raman Singh) 2013-14 Mukhyamantri Yuva Swrojgar Yojna to provide bank guarantee for loans of up to Rs.25 lakh 5% loan on subsidy Mukhyamantri Yuva Bharat Darshan to fund visits by youths to cities across India to see the use of new technologies Free tablets and laptops for students and education loans for families who earn upto Rs.2 lakh per annum Youth Skills Development Bill to be launched to facilitate skill-based training Sports University to be setup in Chhattisgarh offering courses in sports medicine, sports economy and so on

Spring season India Current Affairs 2013

Which 2 companies have entered into a partnership to launch the Discovery Channel magazine? Discovery Network's Asia-Pacific and India Today Group Name the channels launched by Cira Media targeting youths in India. Clubbing TV, Juke Box, Rock TV and Dancetrippin Which company has joined hands with Disney to launch tv channel in India? Mahindra and Mahindra Which mobile maker launched Bolt series phone As5 model recently? Micromax Which 2 companies announced $11 billion dollar merger deal to create world's biggest airline? American Airlines and US Airways Name the architect whose iconic creations would be exhibited by Royal Institute of British Architects from 14th May to 4th September 2013. Charles Correa In which Middle East country online matchmaking creates a revolution? Saudi Arabia Expand MFIN. (Hint: Finance) Micro Finance Institutions Network Why was Mylan company in news recently? Mylan entered into an agreement with Biocon to market insulin Magma Advisory Services Ltd.

Top 12 gk february 2013

Who is appointed as Lokayukta of Karnataka in 2013? Former Chief Justice Y.Bhaskar Rao Who is appointed as interim CEO of Finmeccanica? Alessandro Pansa Which city in India will hold start-up festival in India? Bangalore (7th to 10th March 2013) Which aircraft is planning to set up a regional airline to connect small towns across India? IndiGo airlines Why was Harman India in news recently? To set up franchise-based 100 stores in 3 years Which award event will commemorate extraordinary achievements in cinema and television and is to be held at the Yash Raj Studios on 16th February 2013? Guild Awards 2013 Which authority of Uttar Pradesh received 'ICT for the Welfare of Children' award by NASSCOM Foundation and UNICEF? Mid-day Meal Authority of Uttar Pradesh Which 2 companies will replace Wipro and Siemens from NSE's 50-share benchmark index? IndusInd Bank and NMDC Name the former CBI director who was appointed as member of UPSC recently. Amar Pratap Singh Where in India 35t

Full list of stocks excluded and replaced CNX 200 Index 2013

Stocks excluded from CNX 200 Index CMC Wipro Thermax Dish TV India Engineers India Ruchi Soya Industries Coromandel International Shipping Corporation of India Great Eastern Shipping Company Container Corporation of India Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Ltd Stocks replaced on CNX-200 index NMDC Emami Wockhardt Torrent Power TV18 Broadcast ING Vysya Bank City Union Bank Pidilite Industries Amara Raja Batteries L and T Finance Holdings Shriram City Union Finance

Car Dekho Awards 2013 winners

Most Popular Hatchback Hyundai i10 Most Popular Premium Hatchback Maruti Suzuki Swift Most Popular Sedan Hyundai Fluidic Verna Best Sedan 2012 Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire Most Popular SUV Mahindra XUV500 Best SUV 2012 Renault Duster Most Popular Utility Vehicle Toyota Innova Most Popular Luxury Car BMW 6 Series Coupe Best Luxury Car 2012 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Best Manufacturer Maruti Suzuki

Sample general awareness for IBPS March 2013

Which sporting event was decided to be removed by the International Olympic Committee from 2020 Olympics? Wrestling Name the 3 private universities to be established in Bangalore, Karnataka. C M R Janaradhana trust, Baldwin education society and Presidency education society Which company’s short-selling of shares were banned by Italy’s market regulator Conso recently? Finmeccanica Which is the 2nd entertainment channel that would be started by Mathrubhumi groups? Kappa TV Name the Kerala Sahitya Academy award winner of 1992 who died suffering from multiple organ failure. D.Vinayachandran Who is appointed as Head of India operations by Abbott? Bhaskar Iyer Who regained the Ladies National Billiards Championship title in India? R.Umadevi Nagaraj Which company plans for thermal unit in Uttar Pradesh? CESC Merchants Cup is associated with sport? Horse racing Who is nominated as the member of National Sahitya Academy? Pritiyush Guleri Which computer chip maker is planning to launch online t

52 commemorative stamps planned for release on 2nd July 2013

Commemorative stamps 2013 , honouring musicians of India to mark celebrations of 100 years of Indian cinema . Pandit Ravi Shankar Bhimsen Joshi D K Pattammal Mallikarjun Mansur Kumar Gandharva Gangubai Hangal Ustad Iliad Khan Other targetted places or sectors or areas for commemorative stamps Series of senic places across India Areas covering Kutch and Ladakh Traditional Indian hand fans and boats Means of Transport through ages Golden jubilee celebration of Bhakra Nangal dam Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex of Shimla Delhi Gymkhana club 75th anniversary of Bharatiya Vidya Bhava Tribal dwellings across India Traditional embroidery of India Intelligence Bureau Railway workshops at Kanchrapara and jamalpur The Officer Traning Academy of Chennai INS Vikramditya

Free online current affairs february 2013

Expand FIU. (Hint: Financial) Financial Intelligence Unit How many community radio stations would be setup by investing Rs.100 crore by the end of 12th five year plan? 500 Who became 1st Pope to resign due to poor health in 600 years? Bendict XVI Name the 3-time world table tennis champion who died battling cancer in China. Zhuang Zedong Name the multimedia device introduced by Renault India in Duster SUV. Media NAV includes 18cm touch screen Air India signed outsourcing deal with which BPO firm worth Rs.535 crore? Sutherland Global Services Google signed a deal with which UK based satellite TV service to launch YouTube television channel? Freesat Lava Mobiles entered into alliance with Sharaf Electronics to expand its reach in which part of the world? Middle East Who was appointed as Chair of India Advisory Council of British Asian Trust? Mukesh Ambani Reliance Communications signed 8-year, $1 billion managed services agreement with which company? Ericsson Which company acquired India

Daily GK February 2013

Which country's ambassador was on a visit to India and keen to invest in Hyderabad? Mohammed Al-Sati, Saudi Arabia's ambassador Which operations did flipkart divest recently? Front-end operations Which Asian country became biggest trading nation with total trade amounting to $3.9 trillion? China Where in North-east India 1st National Institute of Technology's foundation stone was laid by HRD Minister M.M.Pallam? Arunachal Pradesh Which Indian state has most number of IB and IRCSE schools? Maharashtra (109) Name the Indo-French satellite that is set to be launched during the month of February 2013. SARAL-ALtika Expand AUM. (Hint: Assets) Assets Under Management What value of expression of interest was signed at the Karnataka Udhyog Mitra? Rs.401 crore Which team won the inaugural edition of Golf Premier League 2013? Uttarkhand Lions Where in Odisha Posco-India is setting up steel project covering 1,554 acres? Jagatsinghpur district Who was honoured with the Lifetime Achievem

February 2013 events in India

79th Akhila Bharatha Kannada Sahitya Sammelana , Bijapur, Karnataka 1st Delhi Literature Festival , Delhi 3rd International Exhibition - Hospitality India 2013, Hyderabad India e-Retail congress , 15th to 16th Feb 2013 New Delhi E-Sparks TM 2013 - Showcasing best emerging Indian e-commerce startups in association with Microsoft, Bangalore

Quiz questions feb 2013 for school kids

What value of shares is Google's chairman Eric Schmidt set to sell? 3.2 million "A" shares Which Indian state would spend Rs.100 crore to implement the proposed Electronics Systems Design Manufacturing (ESDM) policy? Karnataka Expand GM. (Hint: Modified) Genetically Modified Name the Indo-German joint venture who has set up a pharma packaging plant at Jambusar in Gujarat. Schott Kaisha Expand MoTI. (Hint: Trade) Ministry of Trade and Industry Expand CLRI. (Hint: Leather) Central Leather Research Institute Which company announced Voice Cards to enable users to record feelings and emotions and send it to their loved ones? Times Mobile Ltd. (GreetZAP) Name the Japanese electronics maker who is set to slash 5,000 jobs by March 2013. Fujitsu Which company will acquire 26% stake in its defence venture with BAE Systems? Mahindra and Mahindra Where is the 3-day, 79th Akhila Bharatha Kannada Sahitya Sammelana held in Karnataka? Bijapur Name the book launched at the 1st Delhi Liter

GK February 2013

8th February 2013, GK   Who quit as chief marketing officer of Wipro? Suchira Iyer Ratan Tata resigned from the board of which textile company? Bombay Dyeing Who is appointed as solicitor general, 2nd senior law officer in India? Mohan Parasaran Expand NIMs. (Hint: Manufacturing) National Manufacturing Zones Name the founder and co-founder of DREAM:IN who were awarded the Metropolis Gamechangers awards in New York. Sonia Manchanda and KushMedhora Who will succeed S.Mahalingam as Chief Financial Officer at TCS? Rajesh Gopinathan Who equalled the record of 81 first-class hundreds at the Irani Cup 2013? Sachin Tendulkar Who was sued by SCA promotions Inc for 3 of the 7 wins that have been stripped from him for use of banned drugs? Cyclist Lance Armstrong Which British retail company will setup an Indian subsidiary to buy fresh and processed foods from India for its global stores? TESCO Expand GJF. (Hint: Gold) All India Gold and Jewellery Trade Federation For what purpose United insurance

Schedule for Maruti Suzuki Desert Storm 2013

11th edition Desert Strom Dates: 18th to 23rd February 2013 Place: Rajasthan, India Kilometers: 2,200 Suresh Rana , an eight-time winner of the Raid de Himalaya will be part of Team Maruti Gaurav Gill, Karamjit Singh, Sunny Sidhu and Lohit Urs for Team Mahindra More:

Yelahanka to be made taluk,one among 43 taluks in Karnataka budget 2013-14

Fund allocated for creating infrastructure: Rs.86 crore Annigeri Alnavara Bableshwar Brahmavara Byndur (Udupi) Chadachana Chitaguppa Devarahippargi Gajendragad Guledgudda Gurumitkal (Gulbarga and Yadgir) Hanoor (Chamarajnagar) Hubli City (Dharwad) Hulasur Hunasagi Ilkal (Bagalkot) Kadaba (Dakshina Kannada) Kagwada (Belgaum) Kalagi Kamalanagara (Bidar) Kamalapura Kampli (Bellary) Kanakagiri Karatagi (Koppal) Kolhar (Bijapur) Kottur Kuknur Kurugod Lakshmeshwar (Gadag) Maski Moodabidare Moodalgi Nidagundi Nippani Nymathi (Davanagere) Rabakavi-Banahatti Shahabad Sirvar (Raichur) Tikota Talikote Vadagera Yadravi Yelahanka (Bangalore Urban)

Karnataka state budget 2013-14

Karnataka state Budget 2013: 8th February 2013 What is the proposed amount for developmental activities in the state of Karnataka in Budget 2013-14? Rs.1.17 crore What is the proposed amount for Road works in the state of Karnataka in Budget 2013-14?   Rs. 300 crore Pheripheral ring road : Rs.2,500 crore BBMP for infrastructure : Rs.200 crores Dialysis centres in all constituencies Grade separators to manage traffic: Rs.500 crores Agriculture : Rs.22,310 crore State Spice board : Rs.10 crore Waive off principal and interest on agricultural loans : Rs.3,630 Libraries for children in all districts Proposal for Institute of Technology in Dharwad Spiritual Sansad Bhavan to be setup at Kengeri, Bangalore To promote solar power Green Boards to be setup

Rose day 2013 current affairs

9th February 2013   What value of money has been allocated to provide road link to habitations in hills, tribal areas and along-side international border? 38,500 crore To protect minority shareholder's interest what needs SEBI clearance with respect to business firms? Merger or Demerger of a company Which state government's transport launched 24/7 online support for booking/cancellation of tickets? Karnataka (KSRTC) Name the policy activist of Disability, Intellectual property and Technology law from India who died due to infection. Rahul Cherian Name the Advanced Light Helicopter which will induct into Indian Army. Rudra What policy was unveiled by Karnataka government at Aero India 2013? Aerospace Policy Which company will become 1st saree retailer to file IPO? Sai Silks (Kalamandir) Limited Who will succeed Captain Nair as Chairman and Managing Director of Hotel Leela? Vivek Nair, eldest son of C.P.Krishnan Nair Which company signed MoU with London based EDF Trading? Gail (I

Pearls Golf Premier League 2013 1st day-night event

Inauguration day : 7th February 2013 GPL event Dates : 8th to 10th February 2013 Tournament worth : $400,000 Prize money Winners - $200,000 Runner-up - $100,000 Team finishing 3rd - $60,000 Team finishing 4th - $40,000 Teams : 8 franchise team with 4 players each Play format : 4 day's play includes 2 day and night rounds of 14-hole stroke-play

Current Affairs Quiz Feb 2013 updates

6th February 2013   What is the number to deactivate wrongful activation of value added services like mobile internet and caller tunes in India? 155223 According to which survey Tokyo has been rated as world's most expensive city? Economist Intelligence unit's 'Worldwide cost of living index 2013' Who will replace Dr.Y.K.Hamied as Managing Director of Cipla? M.K.Hamied Which 2 agencies from India were shortlisted in a bid by Oman government to construct the border fence between Oman and Yemen? CPWD and EPIL Which human resources staffing company did Thomas Cook India acquire at 74% interest? IKYA Human Capital Solutions Which bank has deployed 500 cash deposit machines in its bank branches across 300 cities in India? Axis Bank Expand DeitY. (Hint: Electronics) Department of Electronics and Information Technology Who is named as captain of Indian hockey team for the 22nd Sultan Azlan Shah Invitational Tournament 2013? Danish Mujtaba In the memory of which Indian cricket

22nd Sultan Azlan Shah Invitational Tournament 2013

Dates : 6th to 17th March 2013 Hosting country : Malaysia Total players : 18 (8 forwards, 5 mid-fielders and 3 defenders) India Squad for 22nd Sultan Azlan Shah Invitational Tournament 2013 Danish Mujtaba ( Captain ) PR Sreejesh ( Vice-Captain / Goal-keeper ) Sushant Tirkey ( Goal-keeper ) Rupinderpal Singh Harbir Singh Gurjinder Singh Amit Rohidas Gurmail Singh Manpreet Singh Kothajit Singh Khadangbam MB Aiyappa Nithin Thimmaiah Satbir Singh Mandeep Singh Akashdeep Singh Chinglensana Singh Kangujam Dharamvir Singh Gurvinder Singh Chandi

February 2013 world current affairs

Where in India Symbiosis Group will open vocational university? Madhya Pradesh Where the 1st sea-bridge-runway has been sanctioned by Airports Authority of India? Lakshadweep Expand MAT. (Hint: Tax) Maximum Alternate Tax Expand SFG. (Hint: Support) Support and Follow-Up Group What value of money has India pledged for Mali reconstruction? $100 million Expand CESA. (Hint: Aeronauticos) Compania Espanola de Sistemas Aeronauticos S A Where in India 1st ever aerospace actuator manufacturing facility is setup by Wipro Infrastructure Engineering? Devanahalli Special Economic Zone, Bangalore What will the SARAL satellite study post its launch by a PSLV C-20? Ocean currents and sea surface heights Who is the brand ambassador for HCL ME tablet range? Unmukt Chand Which telecom operator launched 'Mobile Money' in India, specifically for the Chennai - Tirunelveli corridor? Aircel Name the book to be released by Sachin Tendulkar on Yuvraj Singh's journey while he was treated for germ ce

Jammu and Kashmir, Chandigarh, Andaman Nicobar current affairs 2013

When is the Jammu Marathon scheduled with expected participants of 25,000 and 10 celebrities? 17th February 2013 Where does Jammu and Kashmir Bank netprofit stand for the quarter ended December 2012? Rs.289.40 crore Which Indian city will join 4 district of Himachal Pradesh and 3 of Punjab for pilot project of using Aadhar number for paying LPG subsidy? Chandigarh Which emporium in Port Blair will remain open on all days of the week until further communication? Sagarika Expand FRO. (Hint: Foreign) Foreigners Registration Office Tourists are restricted from travelling to which part of Andaman? ATR Passing through Jarawa Reserve Area Expand GEF. (Hint: Government) Government Employees Federation Expand PHED. (Hint: Health) Public Health Engineering Division

General Knowledge, Science, Business Quiz 2013

4th February 2013 gk roundup   Name the South African to head both Test and ODI rankings at the same time in the latest ICC ranking charts. Hashim Amla Who will host a conference of vice-chancellors of central universities at Rahstrapati Bhavan on 5th February 2013? President Pranab Mukherjee Name the Etch A Sketch creator who died in France. Andre Cassagnes What are the 2 savings account variants launched by Corporation bank in Dubai recently? SB Super and SB Signature When will the MCX-SX be operational in India? 11th February 2013 How many TDRS satellites have NASA launched till date? 11 Where in Pakistan $30 million amusement park would be setup? Northwestern town of Abbottabad Which company plans for 1 million tonnes potash sale to India? Belarussian Potash Co. Which Mutual Fund has started cash investment option through selected Allahabad Bank branches in India? Peerless Mutual Fund Which company was awarded North America System Integrator Partner of the Year by Red Hat? Tata Con

Air Show 2013 Yelahanka, Bangalore

9th Aero India show 2013   Place: Yelahanka Air Force Station Date: 6th to 11th February 2013 Expected companies participating: 700 Exhibition area: 1,25,000 Sqm Dates and visits Business Visitor 6th to 8th February 2013 Exhibition Area Rs.2000 ($35) General Visitor 6th to 8th February 2013 Air Displaying Viewing Area Rs.400 ($15) General Visitor 9th and 10th February 2013 Air Displaying Viewing Area Rs.500 ($20) General Visitor 9th and 10th February 2013 Exhibition Area Rs.1000 ($30) More:

List of Current Affairs February 2013

3rd February 2013 Current Affairs   Who won the Pattaya Open 2013? Maria Kirilenko Name the London-listed company which is buying over $2 billion stake in multiple stages at United Spirits. Diageo Name the youngest woman in India who became Vice-chancellor of Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women's University. Thoudam Prabha Devi What was the theme of 17,855 meters long painting created by 35,700 school children in Gujarat? Vivekanand and his vision of Bharat Which company bought supermoto brand Husqvarna from BMW? KTM Who is named as Rajya Sabha ethics committee chairman? Ramgopal Yadav Expand iSpirt. (Hint: Software) Indian Software Product Industry Round Table Which power equipment maker was granted Maharatna status by Government of India recently? Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. (BHEL) Who was a million-dollar buy at the IPL 6 player's auction 2013? Glenn Maxwell Who won the Phoenix Open 2013 to clinch his 41st PGA Tour title? Phil Mickelson Which education service is expanding its presenc

Mumbai Indians ipl 2013 players list

Glenn Maxwell from Australia for $1000000 Jacob Oram from New Zealand for $50000 Nathan Coulter-Nile from Australia for $450000 Phillip Hughes from Australia for $100000 Ricky Ponting from Australia for $400000

Sunrisers Hyderabad ipl 2013 players

Clint Mckay from Australia for $100000 Darren Sammy from West Indies for $425000 Nathan McCullum from New Zealand for $100000 Quinton De Kock from South Africa for $20000 Sudeep Tyagi from India for $100000 Thisara Perera from Sri Lanka for $675000

IPL 2013 players auction RCB

Christopher Barnwell from West Indies for $50000 Dan Christian from Australia for $100000 Jaydev Unadkat from India for $525000 Moises Henriques from Australia for $300000 Pankaj Singh from India for $150000 Ravi Rampaul from West Indies for $290000 RP Singh from India for $400000

Chennai Super Kings auction ipl 2013

Akila Dhananjaya from Sri Lanka for $20000 Ben Laughlin from Australia for $20000 Chris Morris from South Africa for $625000 Dirk Nannes from Australia for $600000 Jason Holder from West Indies for $20000

Sample question and answers MAT February 2013

2nd February 2013 sample question and answers   Where does India's forex reserve stand for the week ended 27th January 2013? $295.74 billion with an increase of $77.6 million Which 2 company are set to buy Dell for $24 billion? Silver Lake and Microsoft Which Indian state plans to set up 45 women courts to deal with crimes against women? West Bengal What value of money was raised by Government of India through 10% stake sale through Oil India? $585 million Where in India Amway is setting up Rs.500 crore greenfield manufacturing facility? Nilakottai, Tamil Nadu Which country is invited for Gujarat Agro Tech Global Fair 2014 as a partner country? Israel Name the former Puducherry Chief Minister who died with head injury recently. P.Shanmugam With which British territory India signed Tax Information Exchange Agreement recently? Gibraltar Who joined the board of TVS Motor Company as its additional director? Sudarshan Venu Expand SRI. (Hint: Rice) System of Rice Intensification Expand S

Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur current affairs 2013

Name the Governor who proposed to re-open Stillwell Road, the gateway to South East Asia for development of North East region of India. Arunachal Pradesh Governor Gen (Retd) J.J.Singh Which 2 roads for Arunachal Pradesh were approved by Union Minister for Rural Development under PMGSY of rural development ministry? Bameng to Lada (55kms) and Miao to Vijaynagar (157 kms) Name the 5-day long 72 session which began at Biswaratna Dr.Bhupen Hazarika Samannay Kshetra at Barpeta Road in Assam. Asom Sahitya Sabha Which state in India has decided not to allow schools to conduct admission test for enrolment of students in pre-primary classes? Manipur Which state ranked 5th among states of India in terms of tobacco consumption as per the Global Adult Tobbacco Survey? Manipur Expand UNC. (Hint: Naga) United Naga Council Which Indian state government signed Suspension of Operation Pact with the Manipur-based Hmar People's Convention? Mizoram Which Indian state's GDP has grown by 9.57% durin

Current Affairs February 2013

1st February 2013 Current Affairs   Which company blocked Java on its computers due to security problems? Apple What is the toll free number launched by Indian Railways to lodge complaints related to catering services? 1800111321 Expand SSB. (Hint: Services) Services Selection Board Where in Odisha International conference on Buddhist heritage was held? Udayagiri in Jaipur district Where does India stand in World Press Freedom Index for the year 2013? 140th rank out of 179 countries Which state transport in India introduced 24/7 online live support for queries on booking/cancellation of tickets? Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation Which 100-year-old train covering 1,930 kms in 34 hours will get facelift in India? Mumbai-Ferozepur Punjab Mail Which Indian state distributed Rs.23 crore worth paracetamol tablets for free to its 7 crore population? Rajasthan Name the American railway station which celebrated 100 years of its existence on 1st February 2013. New York's Grand Centr

Possible Essay topics January 2013

Internet, 30 years and counting Online shopping in India, boon and bane Write a note on the following: International Conference on Diabetes and its Complications Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Gujarat Global Investors Meet 2013 Commission for Protection of Child Rights Liberalised visa agreement - India and Bangladesh Rajasthan's Girl and Youth Policy 2013 Flag meeting between India and Pakistan World Economic Forum 2013 Pangsau Pass winter festival 2013 - India-Mayanmar 1st National Conference on women in architecture - Women in Architecture Mahacon WiA

List of Conferences in January 2013 in India

14th International Conference on Distributed Computing and Networking, Mumbai International POWER Exhibit 2013, Nagpur 12th International Conference on Global Contemporary Issues, Innovations Future Challenges in Busi, Jaipur India Investment Conference, Mumbai 10th National Conference and Technology Exhibition on Indian Medical Devices Plastics Disposables, Ahmedabad CFA Institute India Investment Conference 2012, Mumbai Legal Counsel Congress Awards 2013, Mumbai 6th National HR Conference XLRI Jamshedpur India, Jamshedpur 3rd Annual Tall Buildings India, Mumbai 4th International Conference on Legal Medicine, Medical Negligence and Litigation in Medical Practices, Thiruvananthapuram 5th Edition of India Art Fair 2013, New Delhi