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25th February 2013 current affairs

Who became South Korea's 1st female president?
Park Geun-hye

Name the world's fastest smartphone unveiled by Huawei recently.
Ascend 2

Which company launched Firefox OS at the Mobile World Congress and would be available for devices from July 2013?

Who will become 1st Indian Prime Minister to visit Gulf country (UAE) after 32 years?
Dr.Manmohan Singh

Which Indian state is planning for separate budget for agriculture sector with Rs.10,000 crore  'dryland farming development mission'?

Name the digital payment system introduced by credit card maker MasterCard.

Which tractor-maker won the Corporate Citizen of the Year Award at Global PR Conclave 2013 hosted by the Public Relations Council of India?
Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited

Which online education portal raised Rs.30 crore from InfoEdge recently?

With which company did Vodafone sign a multi-million dollar contract for providing performance management solution?

Who surpassed Sachin Tendulkar's record of 217 runs for highest individual Test cricket score by an Indian captain?
Mahendra Singh Dhoni (224 runs)

Where in India 340 foot high vedic temple called Chandrodaya Mandir is being constructed by International Society of Krishna Consiousness (Iskcon)?
Mayapur, West Bengal

Which company launched 8-inch Galaxy Note 8.0 at the MWC 2013?

Expand THDCIL (Hint: Hydro)
Tehri Dam and Hydro Electric Project

Expand NEEPCO (Hint: Electric)
North Eastern Electric Power Corporation Ltd.

Who won Daytona 500 for 2nd time to secure his place in NASCAR's list of greats?
Jimmie Johnson