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27th February 2013 current affairs

How do we know STRaND-1 in science and technology world?
1st smartphone put by India in space

How many schools are started under the Right to Education scheme as of September 2012 as per Economic Survey?

Which Indian state government banned local holidays in government schools to implement the Right to Education Act, 2009?

What photo-sharing app purchased by Facebook hit 100 million monthly active users?

Scientists of which country and institute have successfully generated human kidney cells without using animals or cells from other organs?
Singapore, Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology

What percentage of market share India has lost to the rest of the world in BPO space, as per NASCOM?

Which America based analytics and research firm plans to open its business delivery center in Bangalore, India?

What is the credit plan outlay unveiled by NABARD for the state of Karnataka at the recently held "State Credit Seminar"?
Rs.68,172 crore


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