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Important gk questions february 2013

Which internet pioneer banned work from home policy recently?

Where in India BHEL will setup multiple unit coach factory?
Bhilwara in Rajasthan

Rajya Sabha approved for President Rule for which Indian state recently?

Expand FCA. (Hint: Fencing)
Fencing Confederation of Asia

Students of which state in India could get tablet computers for Rs.25 and Rs.10?

Which company launched DigiGirlz, a program for high school girls in India?

Who gets extended term to work till 18th January 2014 as Deputy Governor of RBI?
Anand Sinha

Name the luxury sedan launched by Tata Motors-owned Jaguar Land Rover priced at Rs.1.88 crore (ex-showroom).
Jaguar XJ Ultimate

Expand CMC. (Hint: Computer)
Computer Maintenance Corporation

By what name rebranded BOC India Limited will be known to the world from 18th February 2013?
Linde India Limited

Who will head BPCL to replace R.K.Singh as he superannuates on 30th September 2013?

Name the co-founder of Paypal who launched mobile payment start-up business named Affrim.
Max Levchin

Which version of Internet Explorer is made available for more users by Microsoft?
Internet Explorer 10

Which field or sector did Nizam Uddin Ahmed popularly known as Maulovi Sir serve?

When is the Paris Diamond League scheduled?
6th July 2013

Who was honoured with "Chanakya Award 2013" from the Public Relations Council of India?
Chayapathi, Senior Manager - Communication and Public Relations of BHEL