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India Budget updates 2013-14

Budget 2013-14, 82nd National Budget of India

Date : 28th February 2013

Presented by : Finance Minister of India, P.Chidambaram


India's 1st all-women public sector bank to be setup

LIC office to be setup in all towns of India with over 10,000 population


How much does the Global growth slowed from 2012(year on year)?
3.2% vs 3.9%

What is the estimated RBI GDP growth?

When did the 12th 5-year plan being in India?
July 2012-13

What is the Total Budget estimate for 2013-14?
Rs.16.65 lakh crore

What is the allocated amount to department of disability for FY 2013-14?
Rs.110 crore

What is the allocated amount to HRD ministry in the budget 2013?
Rs.65,867 crore

Expand ICDS.
Integrated Child Development Services

What is allocated amount towards mid-day meal scheme in budget 2013-14?
Rs.13,215 crore

What is allocated amount towards clean drinking water in budget 2013-14?
Rs.15,260 crore

What is allocated money in budget 2013-14 for SC sub-plan and tribal plan?
Rs.14,561 crore and Rs.24,598 crore respectively

Which plan would be continued in the 12th plan and is provided Rs.14,873 crore?

What is the proposed money for Ministry of Rural Development in FY 2013-14?
Rs.80,000 crore

What is extended total buses for hill states in India in the budget 2013-14?

How many new AIIMS to be setup in India?

How much money will be infused to public sector banks?
Rs.14,000 crore