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Railway budget 2013-14

Railway budget 2013-14

Date: 26th February 2013

Presented by: Railway Minister of India - Pawan Kumar Bansal

Who became the 1st Congress minister to present Railway budget in 17 years?
Pawan Kumar Bansal

What are the number of trains that have increased compared to the year 2001?
12,335 from 8,879

What is the Gross budgetary support set for Financial Year 2013?
Rs.1.94 lakh crore

What is the railway budgetary support set for 12th Five year plan?
Rs.1.2 lakh crore

Name the proposed luxury train coach to be introduced by Indian railways in 2013-14 budget.

Which state was brought into railway network for 1st time in India recently?
Arunachal Pradesh

What is the increased internet booking hours for eticketing of train tickets in India?
12:30am to 11:30pm

What is the toll free number for grievance redressal introduced by Indian railways?

How many stations are identified for proposed upgradation in Indian Railway budget 2013-14?

What is the proposed total amount to be spent to facilitate coal movement in the Railway budget 2013-14?
Rs.4000 crore

For which pilgrims is the common rail-bus ticket is proposed in the Indian rail budget 2013-14?
Katra Vaishnodevi

How many new express trains are proposed in the Indian Rail budget 2013-14?

How many new passenger trains are proposed in the Indian Rail budget 2013-14?

What was the revised target of new railway lines to be laid in India in 2013-14?

What is the proposed kilometers of narrow gauge track would be converted to broad gauge in Railway budget 2013-14?


Note: No increase in railway ticket price