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Top 12 gk february 2013

Who is appointed as Lokayukta of Karnataka in 2013?
Former Chief Justice Y.Bhaskar Rao

Who is appointed as interim CEO of Finmeccanica?
Alessandro Pansa

Which city in India will hold start-up festival in India?
Bangalore (7th to 10th March 2013)

Which aircraft is planning to set up a regional airline to connect small towns across India?
IndiGo airlines

Why was Harman India in news recently?
To set up franchise-based 100 stores in 3 years

Which award event will commemorate extraordinary achievements in cinema and television and is to be held at the Yash Raj Studios on 16th February 2013?
Guild Awards 2013

Which authority of Uttar Pradesh received 'ICT for the Welfare of Children' award by NASSCOM Foundation and UNICEF?
Mid-day Meal Authority of Uttar Pradesh

Which 2 companies will replace Wipro and Siemens from NSE's 50-share benchmark index?
IndusInd Bank and NMDC

Name the former CBI director who was appointed as member of UPSC recently.
Amar Pratap Singh

Where in India 35th Junior National Archery Championship will be held?

Which 2 teams qualified for Women's Cricket World Cup 2013?
Australia and West Indies

Which country won Twenty20 cricket for the 1st time in 16 years against Australia?
West Indies