Weekend current affairs february 2013

Name the asteroid which is set to make closest record pass at about 28,000 kilometers.
2012 DA14

Who became oldest world number 1 after reaching semifinals of Qatar Open 2013?
Serena Williams

Which company from India is set to train 1,500 IT engineers in Nigeria?
CADD Centre

Expand SSO. (Hint: Orbit)
Sun Synchronous Orbit

Which category do these belong to: Viola, Gerbera, Gaznia, Larkspur?

Name the American philosopher and constitutional law expert who died suffering from leukaemia.
Ronald Dworkin

Expand ICTT. (Hint: Container)
International Container Transshipment Terminal

Expand FCRA. (Hint: Contract)
Forward Contract Regulation Act

Expand FMC. (Hint: Markets)
Forward Markets Commission

Expand CTT. (Hint: Tax)
Commodity Transaction Tax

Which sporting event is planning to use biological profiling of players at 2013 Confederations Cup and 2014 World Cup?

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