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All India street food festival march 2013

Who is the Chairman of National Innovation Council in India?
Sam Pitroda

How many districts in India would have one-stop crisis centers to resolve problems being faced by women?

Expand DIC. (Hint: Industries)
District Industries Center

Which state organised All India Street Food Festival?

Expand NAVSI. (Hint: Vendors)
National Association of Street Vendors of India

Which Indian state plans to digitally archive all films that have been made since inception of the industry?
Kannada films of the State of Karnataka

Who is the present Chief Justice of Orissa high court?
Chokalingam Nagappan

Expand NBA. (Hint: News)
News Broadcasters Association

Expand USIBC. (Hint: Business)
US India Business Council

Who became the 3rd fastest Indian to reach the milestone of taking 100 wickets in Test cricket?
Pragyan Ojha