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Holi Quiz March 2020, Festival of colors, Dhuli, Dhulandi,Phagwah

How is Holi differently termed as?
Festival of colours

In which season Holi is celebrated across India?
Spring (Spring festival)

What is the Full moon day which falls on Holi known as?
Phalgun Purnima or Pooranmashi

What is the time span of Holi celebration?
3 to 16 days

How is Holi known in different languages across India?
Phagwah in Assamee
Dolajatra in Oriya
Dol Jatra or Basantotsav in Bengali

What is the significance of celebrating Holi?
Salvation of Prahlada and burning of Holika is celebrated as holi

How many days holi is celebrated in Mathura?
16 days until Rangapanchmi

Which region connects Mathura, Vrindavan, Nandagaon and Barsana and has become tourist destination during the season of Holi?

Which two countries primarily observe Holi?
India and Nepal

Which other countries also observe Festival of colours following large settlement of Indian diaspora?
Fiji, Guyana, Malaysia, Mauritius, South Africa, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, United Kingdom and United States