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International women's day 2013 current affairs

How does the world know P.N.C. Menon?
Founder of Sobha Developers

Expand IIF. (Hint: Finance)
Institute of International Finance

Who won gold medal in the women's junior 500m time trial event held at the 33rd Hero Asian Cycling Championships?
Yeonhee Jang

Which country held 4th Investment and Trade Initiative to India recently?
South Africa

Expand SACU. (Hint: Customs)
South African Customs Union

Which are the major segments included in Karnataka's recently unveiled pharma policy?
Bulk drugs, Drugs intermediate, Bio-pharmaceuticals and Formulations

Expand KPDC. (Hint: Pharmaceutical)
Karnataka Pharmaceutical Development Council

Who earned his Ph.D. working on 'Contribution of Sri Yamunacharya to Visishtadvaita' and died recently?
M.Narasimhachary - A Sanskrit scholar

Which event hosts the Sahachari Foundation Trophy in India?
Horse racing

Name the channel to be launched by ESPN Star Sports for the Indian sub-continent on 11th March 2013.
Star Sports 2