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SBI exam march 2013 sample questions

Where in India 3 National Tribunal are to be setup as per deadline (April 30th 2013) set by Supreme Court?
Bhopal, Pune and Kolkata

Which country is suffering from biggest drought in 30 years?
New Zealand

Which company's 3 year contract did Wipro bag to deliver end-to-end service transition and transformational services?
Emirates NBD, a banking group in UAE

What is the aim of Crown Prince of Bahrain Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa's two-day visit to India?
To strengthen bilateral ties in the fields of trade and economy

Which consultant firm ranked India No.5 with 122 billionaires (net assets over Rs.500 crore) as of 2012?
Global property consultancy

What role did Frederic Ramioulle based in America handle before resigning from Infosys?
Golbal Engineering - Head

Which company recently released smartphone that is capable of recognising hand and eye movements?
Samsung Galaxy S4

Which bank plans to open 60 branches across Northeast India within two years?
Bank of India

Expand BPD.
Barrels Per Day

Who are appointed as CEO's of Samsung Electronics?
Yoon Boo-keun and Shin Jong-kyun