Computer online quiz april 2013

What is the bar next to start button called in computer?
Task bar

From where is the deleted file or folder restored on a computer?
Recycle bin

Once the computer loads and start button is visible what is the screen called?

Which computer application is having an option called vlookup?
Microsoft Excel

Which hardware acts as output device through which softcopy of a document can be obtained?

What is the keyboard shortcut for finding a word or pharse in Microsoft Word?
Cntrl + F

Mailmerge is a feature of which computer application?
Microsoft Word

Slideshow is a feature of which computer application?
Power point

Expand CSV. (Hint: File type used in MS-Excel)
Comma-separated values

What is the keyboard shortcut to insert hyperlink in Microsoft Word document?
Cntrl + K

Can header and footer be inserted in the same page of a Microsoft Word document?

Can a powerpoint file be copied from any computer to pendrive?

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