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General awareness for SBI exam April 2013

To which pattern the world's first smartphone for blind converts the text messages and emails?

Which company is set to launch 3D phone priced below Rs.15,000 in India?

Which Indian state's special grant was raised to Rs.12,000 crore during the 12th 5-year plan?

Expand NRO. (Hint: Ordinary)
Non-Resident Ordinary

What are the aims of recently announced National policy for children in India?
Develop, Educate and Protect children below the age of 18 years

What is the revival package announced for watch and tractor maker HMT to modernise, meet working capital and wage revision?
Rs.1.083 crore

Expand EPCG. (Hint: Export)
Export Promotion Capital Goods

Expand EO. (Hint: Export)
Export Obligation

Who is chosen for the Malcolm Adiseshiah Award for his contribution of Development Studies for 2013-14?
Jawaharlal Nehru University professor Gopal Narayan Guru


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