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Is young zovi too powerful for myntra

Is Young Zovi Too Powerful For Myntra?


It is really interesting to note the increasing contribution of online shoppers to fellow shoppers and future shoppers in the forms of reviews on online stores and their products. Be it there enthusiasm or their frustration, they seek the online platform to let out their feelings. Such is the online world and hence, the responsibility is on online stores to do their best to make use of the trend of the buyers. If an online store does its best and keeps the customers satisfied, it is going to gain popularity sooner than expected. Getting famous or becoming notorious is easy in the online world. After all, purchasing power of the buyer alone does not count to succeed. Let us see how well Zovi and Myntra do to win the credibility and favor of online shoppers.

Zovi And Myntra – An Introduction


For the benefit of would-be online shoppers, Myntra made an entry into online business in the year 2007. It deals with apparels, footwear and accessories. It has above 30000 styles and deals with over 500 brands. Zovi was founded in the year 2010. It is an Indian online store dealing with apparels, footwear and accessories. Zovi is not just a seller or dealer. Right from designing the products to selling them, Zovi does it all.

Product Range – Myntra Miles Ahead


Customers love variety and they look for options when purchasing from an online store. Myntra offers stunning varieties across various categories. Be it apparels or footwear, the collections are huge in Myntra. While Zovi’s collections are unique, they are limited. Being a designer of its products, Zovi may be running short of collections. Hence, it is way behind Myntra in product range.

Quality – Zovi Shines


Zovi is a clear winner as far as quality is concerned. All products are of excellent quality. The designs are unique and the products are of great quality. Myntra does well but not as good as Zovi. It deals with popular brands as well but if you go by the reviews, you would place Myntra behind Zovi.

Price – Great Offers From Myntra And Zovi


The price tags are quite impressive and the product range in Myntra makes it possible to have products for various price ranges and suit the cross section of buyers. While Zovi is limited on product range, the prices are reasonable as Zovi sells the products it designs without intermediaries. Hence, it could be said that both offer low prices for their products. Moreover, customers can avail Myntra coupons and Zovi coupons to gain more while buying. Both the online stores introduce fresh offers and hence just look out for coupons if you want to have a perfect deal.

Delivery Tales – Zovi Is The Hero But Myntra Is Not Far Behind


Customers who make their purchases through Zovi are impressed by Zovi’s packaging of products. The products are beautifully packed and delivered on time. However, you could not underscore Myntra here. Myntra does well by sticking on to time schedule most of the time but Zovi leads with a thin margin here.

Customer Service – Zovi Attempts Better


Customer service plays a crucial role in the success of any business. If Zovi was not convincing enough in product range, it seals the future deal in its favor with excellent customer service. We can find that Zovi makes sincere efforts to address customers’ complaints. While Myntra too obliges where return of products are concerned, the time taken is too long for comfort.

Growing Powerful


Zovi is young but it is getting powerful everyday. Hence, the competition is going to be tough. Though Myntra has a wide range of products, which cannot be seen in Zovi, it could only be a matter of time before Zovi equals and excels Myntra. Both being in the same line of activities, it is essential that Myntra uses all available resources and more to face the challenges of the younger generation in online business.


Guest post by: Himanshu Agarwal