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Worldwide april 2013 current affairs

Name the 94 year old woman who became the first person to request for a nomination form in Malaysia's Terengganu state and intends to stand as an independent MP for Kuala Terenggau.
Maimun Yusuf

Who is named the Venuve Clicquot 2013's Best Female Chef?
Nadia Santini, an Italian

In which hills of Meghalaya were 19 caves discovered adding to total to 1,350?
Jaintia Hills

Where in India 3-day UN World Tourism Organisation conference on sustainable tourism will be held?
Hyderabad (12th to 14th April 2013)

Which division of BSNL launched a Wi-Fi technology module for cars with 3.5Mbps speed in India?

Which country researchers have developed human dream-reading machine and what is the technology used in it?
Japan, Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Expand SPE. (Hint: Police)
Special Police Establishment

Where do India's coffee exports stand for 2012-13 fiscal year?
3,10,612 tonnes, 10% lesser than 2011-12

Which industry was decontrolled in India to abolish monthly release mechanism?

Where is the International Shooting Sport Federation World Cup 2013 held?
Changwon, Korea (2nd to 10th April 2013)