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15th may 2013 sample quiz questions

Who is appointed as youngest CEO of Air Asia India?
Mittu Chandilya

What is the maturity period set for inflation-indexed bond to be issued by RBI from 4th June 2013?
10 years

Planning Commission in India approved Rs.34,000 crore annual plan for which state during 2013-14 fiscal?

As per which section of Income Tax Act leave travel allowance are exempted only for domestic travel and cannot be combined with overseas journey?
Section 10 (5) and Rule 2B

Name the three high net worth individuals whom Anand Mahindra has joined to launch India's genrespecific hindi entertainment channel, Epic.
Mahesh Samat, Ravina Kohli and Aparna Pandey

Name the Canadian astronaut who has recorded the first music video in space.
Chris Hadfield

Expand MDM. (Hint: Device)
Mobile Device Management

Who is appointed as COO of Network18?
Ajay Chacko

Expand FSRU. (Hint: Storage)
Floating, storage and re-gasification unit


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