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Current weekly updates may 2013

Who became the first Saudi Arabian women to scale Mount Everest in May 2013?
Raha Moharrak

Name the third woman from West Bengal who scaled Mount Everest in May 2013.
Chanda Gayen

Who became first woman from Meghalaya to scale Mount Everest on 18th May 2013?
Wansuk Myrthong

Name the cricketer who became the first to take 100 wickets in IPL.
Latish Malinga

Who regained world's richest person title from Carlos Slim?
Bill Gates

For which project Dell Social Innovation Challenge competition was held in New Delhi, India?
Solar Conduction Dryer

Name the education content maker who partnered with education company Benesse Holdings to take its product global.
In-Open Technologies

Expand ICCC. (Hint: Canada)
Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce

Expand EFD. (Hint: Financial)
Economic and Financial Dialogue

Expand NHRC. (Hint: Human)
National Human Rights Commission

Expand WBA. (Hint: Boxing)
World Boxing Association