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Division of Bengal,Simon Commission,Round Table Conference,Dandi March, Indian history

Which governor general gave support to the division of Bengal?
Lord Curzon (In 1905. In 1911 Lord Hardinge abolished bengal division)

Swadesh movement was started during the year?

Gandhiji entered into Indian Politics through Champaran Satyagraha. Where is Champaran located?

Who started Khilafat movement?
Ali Brothers (Muhammed Ali and Shaukat Ali) in 1920

Why Gandhiji refrained from Civil Disobediance Movement?
Due to the ChauriChaura incident in Uttar Pradesh

Which freedom fighter died in lathicharge during the protest against Simon Commission?
Lal lajpat Rai

When was Quit India movement launched?
Bombay Session, 8th August 1942

Gandhiji participated in which round table conference?
2nd round table conference in 1931

Started on March 12 1930, when did Dandi March end?
April 6

Pakistan came into existence through the session held at which place?