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World Tourism Day current affairs 2013

World Tourism Day current affairs 2013

Agriculture: Bt cotton cultivation in India has increased from 29,000 hectares in 2002 to 11.2 million hectares in 2012

Horn honking effect: "The condition of a few patients had worsened due to shrill sounds whereas most of them showed symptoms of hypertension" Dr Mudit Saxena, COO, HCG Cancer Care Hospital, Bangalore

Guidelines for celebration of Durga Puja in an eco-friendly manner from The Pollution Control Board Assam (PCBA): “For painting idols, non-toxic water soluble biodegradable paints are to be used. Use of chemical dyes containing heavy metals like lead, cadmium, etc., or carcinogenic organics which cause immense pollution to water sources must not be done. Use of thermocole for decoration of image or puja pandal or as drinking glasses should be avoided, as this material leads to exothermic self-decomposition contributing extra heat to global warming.”

Meghalaya to promote tourism: 100 fish sancturaies planned in the next two years across the state