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Viceroys, their initiatives and achievements in India

Viceroys, their initiatives and achievements in India

Permanent Settlement(1793) Lord Cornwallis

Subsidiary Alliance(1798) Lord Wellesley

Suppression of Thugs(1828) Lord William Bentinck

Abolition of Sati(1829) Lord William Bentinck

Prohibition of female infanticide(1829) William Bentinck

Sepoy Mutiny(1857) Lord Canning

Queen's Proclamation(1858) Lord Canning

First Census held(1872) Lord Rippon

Factory Act(1881) Lord Rippon

Local Self Government(1882) Lord Rippon

Repeal of Vernacular Act(1881) Lord Rippon

Partition of Bengal(1905) Lord Curzon

Indian Councils Act/Minto-Morley reforms(1909) Lord Minto II

Partition of Bengal revoked(1911) Lord Hardinge II

Transfer of capital from calcutta to Delhi(1911) Lord Hardinge II

Dyarchy(1919) Lord Chelmsford

Montague-Chelmsford reforms(1919) Lor