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10th edition Dubai International Film Festival awards 2013

10th edition Dubai International Film Festival awards 2013

Emirates NBD People's Choice Award

Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee for American film "Frozen" and Amal Al-Agroobi for "The Brain That Sings" (UAE)


Short: Ahmed Yassin - "Children Of God" (Iraq, UK, Hungary)
Documentary: Zeina Daccache - "Scheherazade's Diary" (Lebanon)
Feature: Mohammed Khan - "Factory Girl" (Egypt, UAE)

Emirates NBD People's Choice Award

Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee - "Frozen" (US)
Amal Al-Agroobi - "The Brain That Sings" (UAE)

Muhr Emirati

Special Mention: Mohammad Fikree - "Girl & It" (UAE)
Best Director: Muna Al Ali - "Concealment" (UAE)
Special Jury Prize: Claudia Corbelli and Greg White - "The Neighbour" (UAE)
Best Film: Abdullah Hasan Ahmed and Khalid Al Mahmood - "Don't Leave Me" (UAE)

Muhr AsiaAfrica

Muhr AsiaAfrica Short

Special Mention: Cedric Ido  "Twaaga" (Burkina Faso, France)
Best Director: Sandeep Ray - "Thin Arms" (India)
Special Jury Prize: Halla Kim - "The Way Back" (South Korea)
Best Film: Askhat Kuchinchirekov  "Gas Is Over" (Kazakhstan)

Muhr AsiaAfrica Documentary

Special Mention: Lynn Lee and James Leong - "Wukan: The Flame Of Democracy" (Singapore)
Best Director: Pin Pin Tan - "To Singapore With Love" (Singapore)
Special Jury Prize: Sara Rastegar - "My Red Shoes" (France)
Best Film: Yoshiko Hashimoto and Shigeki Kinoshita - "The Horses Of Fukushima" (Japan)

Muhr AsiaAfrica Feature

Special Mention: Souleymane for his role in "Grigris" (France, Chad)
Special Mention: Ritesh Batra for the screenplay of "The Lunchbox" (India)
Best Actress: Yeo Yann Yann - "Ilo Ilo" (Singapore)
Best Actor: Irrfan Khan - "The Lunchbox" (France, Germany, India)
Best Director: Tsai Ming Liang - "Stray Dogs" (Taiwan, France)

Muhr Arab Documentary

Special Mention: Zeina Daccache - "Scheherazade's Diary" (Lebanon)
Best Director: Salma El Tarzi - "Underground On The Surface" (Egypt)
Special Jury Prize: Diala Kachmar and Carole Abboud,Guardians - "Of Lost Time" (Lebanon, UAE)
Best Film: Karim Amer - "The Square" (US, Egypt)
Special Jury Prize: Sepehr Seifi - "Fish & Cat" (Iran)
Best Film: Ang Hwee Sim, Anthony Chen, Wahyuni A. Hadi,- "Ilo Ilo" (Singapore)

Muhr Arab Short

Special Mention: Camille Salameh for his role in "Troubled Waters" (Lebanon)
Special Mention: Ahmed Yassin - "Children Of God" (Iraq, UK, Hungary)
Best Director: Ali Cherri - "The Disquiet" (Lebanon, France)
Special Jury Prize: Haider Rashid - "The Deep" (Iraq, Italy)
Best Film: Bavi Yassin, Nore Maatala - "The Lost Voice" (Belgium, Iraq)

Muhr Arab Feature

Special Mention: Mohammed Amin Benamraoui - "Adios Carmen" (Morocco, Belgium, UAE)
Special Mention: Raouia for her roles in "Rock The Casbah" (Morocco, France) and "Pillow Secrets" (Morocco)
Best Actress: Yasmine Raees - "Factory Girl" (Egypt, UAE)
Best Actor: Hassan Badida - "They Are The Dogs"  (Morocco)
Best Director: Hany Abu Assad - "Omar" (Palestine, UAE)
Special Jury Prize: Nabil Ayouch - "They Are The Dogs" (Morocco)
Best Film: Waleed Zuaiter - "Omar" (Palestine, UAE)