Science day - 28th February 2013 1st mock test answers

_______ is called the movement of a celestial body as it turns on its axis.

_______ is called the movement of an object around a central body.

_______ is the name of the process by which plants use light to convert water and carbon dioxide into sugar.

What is the 1st stage in the development of a plan seed known as?

Anything that occupies space and has mass when at rest is called ______

Change of state from liquid to a gas is known as ________

What is the Japanese word used when a seismic sea wave caused by underwater earthquake or volcanic activity?

What is the name given to any animal which resembles human beings?

The remains of a plant or animal buried in sediment is called _______

________ is the finest material ejected from a volcanic eruption.

Tax proposals for 2013-14, India budget 2013

No change in income tax slabs

Tax Administration Reforms Commission to be setup

Tax credit of Rs.2,000 for income up to Rs.5,00,000

10% surcharge on income above Rs.1 crore

Additional surcharge on taxes for 1 year

Education cess to continue at 3%

Donations to National Children's Fund will be eligible for 100% tax deduction

TDS of 1% on land deals above Rs.50 lakhs with the exclusion of agricultural land

India Budget updates 2013-14

Budget 2013-14, 82nd National Budget of India

Date : 28th February 2013

Presented by : Finance Minister of India, P.Chidambaram


India's 1st all-women public sector bank to be setup

LIC office to be setup in all towns of India with over 10,000 population


How much does the Global growth slowed from 2012(year on year)?
3.2% vs 3.9%

What is the estimated RBI GDP growth?

When did the 12th 5-year plan being in India?
July 2012-13

What is the Total Budget estimate for 2013-14?
Rs.16.65 lakh crore

What is the allocated amount to department of disability for FY 2013-14?
Rs.110 crore

What is the allocated amount to HRD ministry in the budget 2013?
Rs.65,867 crore

Expand ICDS.
Integrated Child Development Services

What is allocated amount towards mid-day meal scheme in budget 2013-14?
Rs.13,215 crore

What is allocated amount towards clean drinking water in budget 2013-14?
Rs.15,260 crore

What is allocated money in budget 2013-14 for SC sub-plan and tribal plan?
Rs.14,561 crore and Rs.24,598 crore respectively

Which plan would be continued in the 12th plan and is provided Rs.14,873 crore?

What is the proposed money for Ministry of Rural Development in FY 2013-14?
Rs.80,000 crore

What is extended total buses for hill states in India in the budget 2013-14?

How many new AIIMS to be setup in India?

How much money will be infused to public sector banks?
Rs.14,000 crore

27th February 2013 current affairs

How do we know STRaND-1 in science and technology world?
1st smartphone put by India in space

How many schools are started under the Right to Education scheme as of September 2012 as per Economic Survey?

Which Indian state government banned local holidays in government schools to implement the Right to Education Act, 2009?

What photo-sharing app purchased by Facebook hit 100 million monthly active users?

Scientists of which country and institute have successfully generated human kidney cells without using animals or cells from other organs?
Singapore, Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology

What percentage of market share India has lost to the rest of the world in BPO space, as per NASCOM?

Which America based analytics and research firm plans to open its business delivery center in Bangalore, India?

What is the credit plan outlay unveiled by NABARD for the state of Karnataka at the recently held "State Credit Seminar"?
Rs.68,172 crore

National Science Day 28th February - Raman Quiz

Let's join hands in celebrating and honouring Sir C.V. Raman for his invention of the ‘Raman effect’ on 28th February 1928 as India celebrates National Science Day

When was Sir.C.V.Raman born?
7th November 1888

Which research helped Raman in getting Noble Prize for Physics?
The discovery that when light traverses a transparent material, some of the light that is deflected changes in wavelength which is called Raman scattering and is the result of Raman effect

Name the institutes served by Sir.C.V.Raman across India.
Indian Finance Department
University of Calcutta
Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science
Indian Institute of Science
Central College, Bangalore
Raman Research Institute

Where was the Raman Research Institute established in India?
Bangalore, Karnataka

Name the awards bagged by Sir.C.V.Raman.
Knight Bachelor
Nobel Prize in Physics
Bharat Ratna
Lenin Peace Prize