Computer online quiz april 2013

What is the bar next to start button called in computer?
Task bar

From where is the deleted file or folder restored on a computer?
Recycle bin

Once the computer loads and start button is visible what is the screen called?

Which computer application is having an option called vlookup?
Microsoft Excel

Which hardware acts as output device through which softcopy of a document can be obtained?

What is the keyboard shortcut for finding a word or pharse in Microsoft Word?
Cntrl + F

Mailmerge is a feature of which computer application?
Microsoft Word

Slideshow is a feature of which computer application?
Power point

Expand CSV. (Hint: File type used in MS-Excel)
Comma-separated values

What is the keyboard shortcut to insert hyperlink in Microsoft Word document?
Cntrl + K

Can header and footer be inserted in the same page of a Microsoft Word document?

Can a powerpoint file be copied from any computer to pendrive?

Top 12 current affairs quiz april 2013

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Which company launched Optimus L-Series II smartphones launched in India?

Name the official remake of 1983 movie collection of which was Rs.19 crore for opening weekend.
Chashme Baddor

Who was sworn in as Kenya's 4th president?
Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta

Who plans to break world record for the Tube Challenge by visiting all 270 London Underground stations to break the current record of 16 hours, 29 minutes and 13 seconds?
Geoff Marshall and team

Name the website which aims to keep people aged over 50 connected across United Kingdom.

Who suggested P-4 model in the place of PPP model for better state governance?
Narendra Modi, Gujarat Chief Minister

What is the approved annual plan budget for West Bengal by Planning Commission for 2013-14?
Rs.30,314 crores

Which company will TCS acquire in all-cash transaction of 75 million euros i.e. Rs.530 crore?
Alti SA, a French technology services company

Who got 1 year extension as India's cricket coach?
Duncan Fletcher

How many scripts or stocks would be shifted to restricted trade category from April 12th 2013 by NSE in India?
51 scripts (at 5% price band)

Name the website launched by ICC with archives of videos of Cricket World Cup.

Which company made the 26th oil discovery in its Rajasthan block?
Cairn India


World's cheapest motorcycle by Yamaha at around Rs.30,000

Yamaha to role out the world's cheapest motorcycle priced at around Rs.30,000)

Yamaha setup 5th global research and development centre, Yamaha Motor Research and Development India Pvt. Ltd. at Surajpur in Uttar Pradesh, India.

Low cost motor cycle to be launched in India and export to Africa and Latin America.

Aims to sell 10 lakh units in 2015 including exports, with a target of 28 lakh units by 2018.