Shakuntala Devi

Shakuntala Devi - 4th November 1929 to 21st April 2013, Bangalore, Karnataka

Popularly known as human computer, am Indian Mathematician


Books written by Shakuntala Devi

Puzzles to puzzle you, More puzzles to puzzle you, Book of numbers, Perfect murder, Figuring: The joy of numbers, In the Wonderland of numbers, Super memory: It can be yours, Mathability: Awaken the Math Genuis in your child, Astrology for you


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2013 IPL 6 points table

Chennai Super Kings  22

Mumbai Indians   22

Rajasthan Royals   20

Sunrises Hyderabad  18

Royal Challengers Bangalore 16

Kings IX Punjab 14

Kolkata Knight Riders  12

Pune Warriors   6

Delhi Daredevils   6

IPL 6 - Highest totals, Most runs, Most sixes, Most wickets, Most catches

Mumbai Indians - 209/5

Most runs - Virat Kholi - 322 with highest score of 93 not out (33 fours and 11 six's)

Most Sixes - Chris Gayle - 17

Most Wickets - Vinay Kumar - 12

Most Catches - Dwayne Bravo - 8

Sample quantitative question and answers for competitive exams 2013

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A merchant sells an item at a 20 percent discount. but still makes a gross profit of 20 percent of the cost. What percent of cost would be gross profit on the item have been if it had been sold without the discount?

A millionaire bought a job lot of hats 1/4 of which were brown. The millionaire sold 2/3 of the hats including 4/5 of the brown hats. What fraction of the unsold hats were brown?

How many integers 'n' greater than and less than 100 are there such that, if the digits of 'n' are reversed, the resulting integer is n+9 ?

An investor purchased a shares of stock at a certain price. If the stock increased in price Rs.0.25 per share and the total increase for the x shares was Rs 12.50, how many shares of stock had been purchased?

At a special sale, 5 tickets can be purchased for the price of 3 tickets. If 5 tickets are purchased at the sale, the amount saved will be what percent of the original price of the 5 tickets?

Working independently, Tina can do a certain job in 12 hours. Working independently, Ann can do the same job in 9 hours. If Tina works independently at the job for 8 hours and then Ann works independently, how many hours will it take Ann to complete the remaining job?

HCL prototyping machine can make 10 copies every 4 seconds. At this rate, How many copies can the machine make in 6 min.?

If q <> 0 and k = qr/2 -s, then what is r in terms of k,q,s?
2(k+s) q

How many of the integers between 25 and 45 are even?

If taxi fares were Rs 1.00 for the first 1/5 mile and Rs 0.20 for each 1/5 miles thereafter. The taxi fare for a 3-mile ride was?

List of april 2013 world current affairs

Expand ARC. (Hint: Administrative)
Administrative Reforms Commission

What is the theme of 3rd edition of European film festival organised by Entertainment Society of Goa in India?
Celebrating women

Which Indian state will provide free leukemia drugs (Imatinib tablets)?

Which Indian city opened over 5,000 BharatNirman Rajiv Gandhi SevaKendras to improve delivery of government services to people in rural areas?

Who was re-elected as Italy's president for second term?
Giorgio Napolitano

What was the significance of a startup reality show called Shark Tank held in Bangalore on 20th April 2013?
To fund the start ups across Bangalore as NASSCOM aims to create and grow 10,000 start ups across India in 10 years

Expand IPAB. (Hint: Property)
Intellectual Property Appellate Board

Which mobile operator plans to shift few of its businesses from Germany to its shared services unit in India?

Who won the girl's singles title at the Asian Junior Close tennis tournament 2013?
Snehadevi S Reddy

Where in China Auto show will be held from 21st to 29th April 2013?
Shanghai New International Expo Center