Possible Essay topics April 2013 for various competitive exams

Maharashtra chess League 2013

Bihar's women only cooperative banks

IPL, tailor-made for Chris Gyale

India's e-Pathshala

India Centenary film festival 2013

International Shooting Sport Federation 2013

Tesco's exit from America and its impact on retail business

Singapore's Indian Heritage Centre

Introduction of CBSE board's legal studies

Gujarat's Lokayukta Aayog Bill 2013

Down-turn of Cyprus economy

Odisha's Youth Policy-2013

Free Trade Agreement: India and Customs Union of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus

April 2013 current affairs quiz full collection

Which exchange launched trading in F&O on SX40 from 15th May 2013?

Expand OCB. (Hint: corporate)
Overseas corporate body

How many South African Indians were conferred with National Orders - South Africa's highest civilian awards?

Who became the 3rd person to be named Player of the year and Young player of the year in the same season by English Professional Footballer's Association?
Gareth Bale

Which school will make it to the 2014 edition of the Limca Book of Records for admitting over 4,800 students in one day?
Delhi University's School of Open Learning

Expand NEN. (Hint: Entrepreneurship)
National Entrepreneurship Network

Name the British exam board that has outsourced marking to MeritTrac as a part of cost-cutting project aimed at speeding up the assessment process.
City and Guide

Which company began sales of world's first curved OLED TV at Rs.7.33 lakh?