List of essay topics may 2013

Russia's consulate in Goa, an immediate solution to illegal land deals?

Zimbabwe's new constitution a changing facet of its economy

India's defence university

Indian universities role in education expo of Africa

Royal Enfield automobile heritage museum in India

Saudi Arabia's job regulation policy 2013

75% decline in reality sector in the state of Tamil Nadu, its impact on economy

Israel's first bilateral business relations with Karnataka

Brazil and Singapore's Intellectual property cooperation 2013

FM radio channels in India, a life changer

Sports, India quiz may 2013

Who won the UNESCO's young scientist award for 2013?
Bilal Habib

Which Indian state government will set up more than 1,000 Reverse Osmosis plants in rural areas to provide clean drinking water?

Which country will host 2014 women's Football Aisan Cup?

Name the US-based supply chain provider acquired by TVS Logistics Services.
Wainwright Industries

Which company is set to de-merge its lubricants division into a separate listed entity?
Gulf Oil Corporation