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Constantinople is now known as______
Istanbul or Topkapi Gate

In 1453 A.D., the Ottoman Turks occupied ______

The knowledge of geography and navigation among Europeans were because of______

Astrolabe is an instrument used to measure the _____ of the sun, stars and other heavenly bodies

_______ was the first country to launch voyages across the sea.

Vasco-da-Gama reached the coast of _______in 1498 A.D.

Viceroy of Portuguese possessions in India was________
Francisco Almedia

The first ______ machine was brought to Goa by Portuguese

The Dutch East India Company was established in Holland in _____ A.D

Sir Thomas Roe was appointed by Queen Elizabeth I as the ____ambassador at the Mughul Court.

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World Ocean day current affairs june 2013

By what name two-wheeler ambulances would be known in India?
First responders

What is the theme of World Ocean day 2013?
Together we have the power to protect the ocean

Name the sports policy launched by Nigeria for kids under the age of 17.
Rhythm and Play

Who is the author of the book Dard-e-Dil Likhun Kab Tak?
Rukhsar Amrohvi

400 children participated in a flash mob dance to create awareness on malnutrition to mark which day on 7th June 2013?
World Global Day of Action on Hunger