New Century Global Centre, World's largest building open for business in China 2013 Artificial sun shines 24 hours a day

Artificial sun that shines 24 hours a day

1,600 feet long, 1,300 feet wide and 330 feet tall

Combination beach resort, movie theatre, shopping center and hotel measures 5.77 million-square-feet

Artificial sun that shines 24 hours a day

14-screen iMAX theater, a shopping center looks like a Mediterranean village and two five-star hotels

Sky City a hydroelectric dam project on the Dadu river in Sichuan which will be the tallest dam in the world at 1,300 feet

8th July 2013 world current affairs updates

Who became the youngest Indian to win a gold medal at the Asian Boxing Championships?
Shiva Thapa

Name the India's youngest Grandmaster who finished tied to share the prize money of $43,000 at the World Open Chess, Arlington, Virginia.
Parimarjan Negi

India signed an agreement to avoid double taxation and prevent fiscal evasion to give way for bilateral investments with which country?

Which company bagged Delhi Indian Badminton League team Delhi Smashers?
Krrish Group

Which rank Rohan Bopanna reached following semifinal appereance at the Wimbledon 2013 doubles?
5th rank