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Lidar survey Light Detection And Ranging technology

Lidar survey Light Detection And Ranging technology An airborne laser scanner (ALS) is mounted to a helicopter skid pad. Flying with pre-determined guidelines, including altitude, flight path and airspeed, the ALS pulses the terrain with more than 16 laser beams per square metre during flights. The time the laser pulse takes to return to the sensor determines the elevation of each individual data point. The data downloaded from the ALS is calibrated and creates a 3D model of the information captured during the flights. In order to negate tree foliage and manmade obstacles from the data, any sudden and radical changes in ground height are mapped out, with technicians who have models of the terrain fine-tuning the thresholds in processing these data points. Once completed, the final 3D model is handed over to the archaeologists for analysis, which can take months to process into maps. Source:

Rio summer olympics 2016

How many countries are participating at the Rio Olympics 2016? 206 When is the summer Olympics 2016 scheduled? 5th to 21st August From which language is the motto ‘Live your passion’ translated? Portuguese (Viva sua paixao) Which are the new sports added to 2016 Olympics? Rugby sevens and Golf Official mascot is named after musician ____________. Vinicius de Moraes How many competitors from India will participate at the Rio 2016? 92 Who became the first ever Indian female to book an Olympic spot in the artistic gymnastics? Dipa Karmakar Who many badminton players are qualified into the Olympic tournament based on BWF World rankings as of 5th May 2016? 7 Judo players are known as __________. Judoka When is the Paralympics game 2016 scheduled? 7th to 18th September

Highlights of Indian railway budget 2016

Highlights of Indian railway budget 2016 Focus on speed and safety 2,800 km of new tracks to be commissioned next year Railways to shift to completely paperless contract system next year WiFi facility at 100 stations to be increased to 400 stations in next two years Enhanced capacity of e-ticketing system from 2,000 tickets per minute to 7,200 per minute North-South, East-West dedicated freight corridor proposed in Railway Budget for 2016-17 E-booking of tickets on concessional passes for journalists introduced India's first Rail auto hub to be inaugurated in Chennai

New Year 2016 current affairs updates

New Year 2016 current affairs updates Odd-and-even experiment for checking air pollution at New Delhi Ravichandran Ashwin finishes 2015 as No.1 ranked bowler UK had provided financial aid for government programmes between 2013-2015 (Rs 855.01 cr in 2013-14, Rs 601.77 cr in 2014-15 and 190.06 cr in 2015-16), to stop financial aid fom 1st January 2016 Quoting the PAN will be mandatory from 1st Jan - For Cash payment to settle hotel bills or buying foreign travel tickets of and above Rs 50,000 - For non-luxury transactions of payment of above Rs 2 lakh in cash or through card - Purchase of jewellery above Rs 2 lakh or immovable property above Rs 10 lakh ABS will be mandatory for all new model two-wheelers with more than 125 cc engine from April 2017 and the existing ones from April 2018. Also, the Ministry’s notification set an April 2017 deadline for CBS in all new models of two-wheelers with less than 125cc engine and April 2018 for existing models.