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New Year 2016 current affairs updates

New Year 2016 current affairs updates

Odd-and-even experiment for checking air pollution at New Delhi

Ravichandran Ashwin finishes 2015 as No.1 ranked bowler

UK had provided financial aid for government programmes between 2013-2015 (Rs 855.01 cr in 2013-14, Rs 601.77 cr in 2014-15 and 190.06 cr in 2015-16), to stop financial aid fom 1st January 2016

Quoting the PAN will be mandatory from 1st Jan

- For Cash payment to settle hotel bills or buying foreign travel tickets of and above Rs 50,000

- For non-luxury transactions of payment of above Rs 2 lakh in cash or through card

- Purchase of jewellery above Rs 2 lakh or immovable property above Rs 10 lakh

ABS will be mandatory for all new model two-wheelers with more than 125 cc engine from April 2017 and the existing ones from April 2018. Also, the Ministry’s notification set an April 2017 deadline for CBS in all new models of two-wheelers with less than 125cc engine and April 2018 for existing models.